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Why It Is Crucial To Create Authentic Social Media Content HighStrike has built a brand based on trust, consistency, and a deep appreciation from customers

By Shishir Jajoo

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HighStrike team

When it comes to keeping and attracting customers, brands need to establish trust. It is a critical factor in any relationship, personal or professional. HighStrike has built a brand based on trust, consistency, and a deep appreciation from customers. Thanks to communicating with a clear brand voice, HighStrike has translated this authenticity to social media. By interacting with customers while upholding company principles and addressing what people have to say, HighStrike has created truly organic social media content that customers love.

HighStrike knows that you must have a strong degree of trust with your customers. Trust that you will be there for them, that you have their best interest in mind, and that you practice what you preach. Remember, you play a big part in the lives of your customers. You must exceed expectations, but as we are human, missteps are inevitable. While mistakes do happen, the important thing is how you own up to the error and what you do to fix it. Just a year or two ago, a popular K-beauty company had a nightmare scenario happen with one of their sunscreens. As this is a critical item to protect against skin cancer, an accurate SPF rating is necessary. The product in question claimed to be much higher than the minimum rating, but it tested much lower.

Even worse, the company did not seem to take responsibility for the debacle and was not responding to questions and comments on their social media pages. Customers were outraged and lost trust in the brand; thus, its reputation was severely damaged. HighStrike took this as a lesson in what not to do when such a situation presents itself. This would have been an excellent opportunity for the brand to use social media to mitigate damage control, but it chose not to. Authentic social media content can prepare brands for good and bad press while providing a layer of transparency that has been absent for years.

HighStrike considers social media to be an ambassador for brands and businesses. As it is one of the outlets for a brand voice, this ambassador must be authentic at all times to maintain the relationship between brands and customers.

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