# 10 Essential Attributes Of An Entrepreneurial Mind

Look at the business from a third person perspective to deliver value from customers' perspective and not what we think is value

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Based on the understanding of the way our minds work, here is a list of essential attributes of an entrepreneurial mind:


Power Punch

Business is cut throat and sometimes entrepreneurs must learn to be aggressive. They need to get into a state of mind, which allows him to walk towards his goal, without being injured by the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This power-packed state of mind must be cultivated and nurtured till it can be accessed almost immediately.

Defeat Defeat

While there will be a lot of ups in business, there will be many more downs. Nothing great is ever achieved without much sweat and toil. On days which are down, entrepreneurs must learn to defeat his negative state of mind and always focus on the light and focus on the positive. This is even more important as the company and the team begins to grow.

Zen State

There are times in an entrepreneurs' life when a lot will swing out of control. He must be able to find a way for him to achieve a state of calm, which good range from listening to music to a walk in the park. Each person has his own method of finding Zen. Whatever that method is, it should help him achieve a state of relaxation, amidst all the chaos.


For a while every week, make it a point to switch off your cell phone, not answer calls and stop checking your email. As a leader and head of the business, some days will require a step back and focus on setting goals, aligning processes and refreshing the vision for the company; without being distracted by the day to day operations. Choose the important versus the urgent.

Third Eye Filter

While it is very important to be passionate about the business it is also extremely important to be impassionate. Look at the business from a third person perspective, so that we are always delivering value from the customers' perspective, and not what we think is value. It is almost critical that we do not get so wrapped up in our business, that we lose sight of the people who are buying our products.

Hocus Pocus

Believe in magic! Because it does happen. On those days when you need it most and it seems like the world is giving up on you, sometimes will be a glimmer of hope that will come from the most unexpected quarters. And a little ray of hope is enough for an entrepreneur to get back on his feet and keep walking towards his dreams.

Become Water

This amazing liquid has the ability to be flexible and open to change always, to drip from a stream and grow into an ocean, to be persistent and cut through the most hardened rocks, and the amazing ability to absorb nutrients and nourish everything it touched. So as strange as it may seem, there is a lot to learn from this life-giving liquid.