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How to Hone your Motivational Entrepreneurial Skills, and Contribute to a Difference Hone your motivational speaking skills and inspire people to stand up for a cause

By Rahul R

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If you have decided to turn a full-fledged entrepreneur, you have lots to cheer about as you need not physically own an office space, lead a large team, and resort to doing conventional business to earn profits. In new-age entrepreneurship, profits would come to you even without you actually doing the usual profit-and-loss business.

In this regard, one way to let your entrepreneurial juices follow is Motivational Speaking. This is believed by entrepreneurial experts to be a fast-catching trend, and the predicament actually lets you be an entrepreneur and get to make a difference in the lives of others through your inspirational speaking skills. Now, with motivating others (as a continuation of your entrepreneurial traits) being the criteria, Entrepreneur India lists below 5 key ways in which you could hone your entrepreneurial ability to motivate others and make a positive difference whilst earning passive income:

  • Trying out minor nuances: Now, you would neither need to organize a public speaking event to show off your motivational skills, nor need to search for people in need of positivity. You could hone your motivational speaking skills by motivating the entrepreneur in you. Talk to yourself, positively motivate and get focussed to test out the waters as a motivational speaker; despite obstacles. Motivate yourself with the nuances to march ahead and be the person that people could look upto when in need of moral support.

  • Establish passive connect: Now, the key trait of a motivational speaker is to establish connect; however, you need not personally sit down with people in need of motivation (active connect); you could simply use the internet as a medium to propagate your motivational talks. While speaking, ensure that you arouse the feeling of positivity by sharing personal experiences, quotes from great people (entrepreneurs here), and habits that are offbeat but required to navigate troubled waters. This becomes a passive approach whilst you are addressing people without actually physically being with them.

  • Make stories: We do not refer to fabricating stories here, rather penning down your personal experiences and introducing an offbeat way to solve encountered challenges. Each such offbeat mechanism would potentially turn motivational for your audience who mostly are in need of encouragement to pursue the vagaries of life. Hence, you could pen down a successful story of yourself and how you turned entrepreneur, and use the opportunity to motivate others to do the same.

  • Look Within: Get your audience to look within themselves for motivation. For this, present experiences where you have had to defy norms (personal connect) to succeed. Encourage offbeat approaches to problems. A chunk of your audience would potentially come back to you, with experiences of how they were successful by considering the self as the greatest motivational speaker. Your job would be to arouse this spirit.

  • Connect the dots: Enshrine the connecting the dots approach, both for your audiences as well as yourself; here, you could educate people eon how every incident that takes place would not be an eventuality but would eventually lead to potential positivity. AN illustration here is the way in which a thousand squares make up a great image; people realizing this are called artists. Hence, your audience could be turned into artists (of life) as well.

  • Learn from your own self: We can only speak if we are experienced and experience is nothing but what we have gone through mindfully. A person who does not experience the world mindfully will only have shallow memories and that is not the feature of a person close to enlightenment. So with your own experience we can help people. if you lack experience you are only babbling, It can never be an enlightened experience for the listener or the speaker.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 

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