8 Signs of a Woman Entrepreneur These signs indicates that you are a budding Shepreneur.

By Prerna Raturi

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What defines you? You being a woman, or being an entrepreneur? Chances are people look at you as 'woman' who is an entrepreneur. Chances are you don't care. But like Maya Angelou says, "I'm a woman/ Phenomenally/ Phenomenal woman/ That's me." Here are 8 signs you are a woman entrepreneur:

Special questions:

You are always quizzed about work-life balance, about how supportive your partner is, if you want children, or if you have children then who takes care of them. And when you get really famous, they want to know what designer you are wearing. Sigh. Like Hilary Clinton famously said to a reporter, "Would you ever ask a man that question?"

Comfort is key:

You are the boss and you play the part. Formal suits, starched saris, with an occasional pair of jeans thrown in on Fridays. Weekends at home, if you manage them that is, are solely about comfort dressing, however. If you haven't spent at least one Sunday a month in your pajamas, you'd like to. Admit it.

Your big rock:

Happy in your relationship, and so is your better-half? Then your partner is either a co-founder in your venture, or should be rewarded "The world's most understanding partner on planet" award. Either ways, be thankful.

Special powers:

Nearly always, you are Superwoman at work. From daily firefighting, to power lunches, long meetings, brainstorming, keeping your sanity, you are a pro. Most days, at home you are the wonder women – you wonder when the premium on your policy is due, you wonder where you kept your keys, you wonder where you kept your phone, and if you have nothing to do, you wonder if you forgot something!

Those stilettos:

It doesn't matter if sneakers were your best friend back in college. Or, that you don't really have a thing for shoes. You wear your heels, you own several pairs, you work them, and how! Even if you don't like heels.

Best excuse:

Women who are stay-at-home moms, or work from home can never get people to believe they have too much on their plate. You, however, play your I-got-work card to perfection and use it unabashedly to get out of social dos and family get-togethers you'd rather avoid.

Help at hand:

You have the best support system in the world. Be it family, or paid help, you have carefully developed and nurtured a network of assistants who are there for any crisis at home.

Listen up:

A regular evening coffee or Friday beer with your girlfriend/s who just wants a listening ear as she shares her office or family woes? All she might need is a listening ear like women do. But the firefighting entrepreneur in you just can't stop herself from offering solutions. Refrain, lend her your shoulder to cry on, and offer to get her a refill.

Prerna Raturi is writer, researcher and editor for the past eight years and writes for a number of newspapers and magazines. She started her journalistic career with Business Standard, and has also worked in the field of women's empowerment. Her interests include reading, writing, and adventure sports.

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