Are You Ready To Start Up Or Not? Harnessing The Power Of Influence

By Ritu Kochar

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Unveiling his product that can harness 'the power of influence', Media Guru Satish Raju launched his latest venture titled 'Influencia' at our Entrepreneur India Annual Convention 2016. Introducing the concept of thought leadership in media Raju's 'Influencia' is all for people just starting out, startups and brands. You get a chance to grow within the community and have a look at where you stand and then plan your growth accordingly. Influencia wants to help those who want to explore whether you're ready to startup or not.

Influencia was conceptualized with the thought that the influencers play a very important role in the decision making process, right from the old days to the modern digital age. In an era, where content has become powerful, its important to leverage it in a manner which best benefits the content creator, the brand and the end user.

As a part of the launch, Influencia also announced a competition, "#MyStartupidea' especially for the bloggers. By participating in this contest bloggers can let their imagination and creativity run wild, it could be an idea that they have always dreamt of but never gave it a thought or a sheer stroke of genius that could be the next game changer. #MyStartupIdea will give a platform to express your thoughts in the most creative manner. The only criterion is that the idea has to be innovative and not borrowed from an existing business model.

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Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

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