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Why is it Okay To Slow Down Sometimes? In this era of "gotta-go, gotta-do", you need to ensure what your sense of purpose and mission are and not confuse means with end.

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Are you tired of running 24*7?

Do you feel that despite being on toes all day, the list of impending tasks is still elongating?

Have you felt dissatisfied or unhappy doing what you have done with the best of your efforts?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, you are at the helm of a major decision taking point in life.

All this while you have been reading and been inspired by articles motivating you to work the extra edge and aim at escalation at all points. However you should just introspect and feel normal if we suggest you to "slow down'.

Here are a few factors which are likely to ring a bell and lead you to the right track:

1. Has the going gone really "tough'?

In the words of Lily Tomlin," The trouble with rat race is that even if you win you're still a rat".

You keep working incessant to go up the ladder in the shortest of times. Do you realize you have missed seeing your daughter grow up, you missed reading your favorite book, and you missed the serene sunsets and the glorious sunrise?

One cannot be oblivious to ailment and falling health which are inherent because of being a workaholic. A workhorse is likely to face physical as well as relationship traumas which are irreversible and need to be fixed.

2. Prioritize your goals

Have you ever felt the technological clutter around you?

You have to analyze the basic cause that overwhelms you and that is a week or a day's bombardment of meetings, mammoth of deadlines, plethora of emails, voicemail and a long list of texts along with mind consuming phone calls.

You have to draw a line to answer each one at the first ping and sort out your day prioritizing the work. Your "deadlines and tasks will fit the day' eventually and not let you feel inundated.

3. It's time to diverge and swap

Howsoever counterintuitive it might sound, but if you feel you have been just riding too fast but not being able to validate your hard work and feel satisfied and fulfilled, needless to say you have boarded the wrong train.

The initial feeling of dislodgement comes with lack of financial security and uncertainty, but it's better to swap and change to the line where your heart connects. It might not be easy, given that there are fixed expenses one has, but boarding the right train is the solution to reach your destination.

Mr.Raghav Bhandari, a chartered accountant by education, opted out from his firm and joined a private bank instead, to diversify where his heart could connect. "It was a formidable decision in the beginning to let go off a stable income", he says, yet his perseverance has helped him escalate the ladder in the bank at a good pace.

4. Let the creativity unleash

Have you ever pondered that "the thinking tank'- our brain and its creativity unleash when we optimally utilize it? However in this era of growth mania, thanks to digital world, you feel motivated to multi-tasking all the time. The more you multitask, the lesser rest is given to our creative engines.

Do not engage in several jobs at a time. Rather focus on one job at a time and give it your best. Bosco Tjan rightly summarizes," You think you are multitasking, but in reality you're actually wasting time switching from one task to another."

5. Family is wealth

You need to step off the hamster wheel before you figure out that you are practically falling down, more in terms of family and social obligations.

Not long ago did Sakun Aggarwal, proprietor at Praveen brick kiln, realize that this "ladder to success' is addictive and he couldn't anymore cope up with the family and kids being in a lurch just because he had tied himself in multifarious ventures to achieve certain targets.

Last words- In this era of "gotta-go, gotta-do", you need to ensure what your sense of purpose and mission are and not confuse means with end. You need to ebb down to keep your sanctity as well as family life intact.

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