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This Couple has Built a Brand Out of India's Favorite Munchie The couple was skeptic about jumping into the samosa business (a widely untapped market) until they saw a kid nagging at the airport.

By Anindita Ganguly

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The samosa's chicken-tikka makeover became its great escape from the roadside shops by this quality controlled brand! Nidhi and Shikhar Singh founded Samosa Singh aiming to commercialize India's favorite munchie.


The couple was skeptic about jumping into the samosa business (a widely untapped market) until they saw a kid nagging at the airport. "This implied that even children are fond of it over burgers and pizzas," Shikhar says.


After quitting their respective career (combined package of Rs 31L), the duo conducted a market experiment in Bengaluru's Electronic City for a week in a 500 square feet kitchen. "We were able to sell 500 samosas," shares Nidhi.


Nidhi's expertise in marketing and sales gave her the idea to reach out to the corporates. However, they were given a target of delivering 8,000 units within two days!


It was impossible to operate from a small kitchen with two people. They sold off their apartment to hire cooks and rent a shed kitchen. "We were working non-stop for 48 hours in the kitchen to deliver the orders," affirms Nidhi.


Shikhar always wanted to spread his Punjabi roots across the country and the name Samosa Singh served the purpose. Started experimenting with the dough, filling and also the crux.


Today with a team of 70, the brand has been growing 300 per cent annually. Samosa Singh has also raised an undisclosed amount from Fireside Venture recently.


Winning the customer mindset that this snack is not just about potatoes – was the biggest challenge! They organized several food fests to change it. Today, 70 per cent of the revenue comes from the new varients.


Currently operational in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, they plan to go pan-India through partnership with multiple corporates and multiplexes. They would also foray physically in Mumbai, Chennai and North East by this year.


  • They changed the proportion of the dough to a balanced ratio, experimenting with the flavors while making it more crunchy.
  • The complimentary flavored crux basis every variety ensures less usage of chutney.
  • To address the preservation concern, they introduced hot display units in multiplexes for keeping them fresh, hot and crispy till eight hours.

BEST SELLING PRODUCTS South Indian vegetarian samosa, Chinese, Murgmakhani samosa and Samosa Singh's first trademark ready-to eat dessert Chocossa.

THE PLATTER Potato, Pineapple, Kadhai paneer, Paneer tikka, Manchurian, Mixed vegetable, tadkaonion and Murgmakhani samosa.

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Anindita Ganguly

Former Trainee Writer, Entrepreneur India

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