5 Tips For New Indian Game Streamers To Grow Their Influence If you want to monetize your content through game streaming and thus earning some good bucks then you are never too late to think of embarking upon your career in it

By Parth Chadha

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Live streaming has always been a hit since being incorporated in influencer marketing techniques across various social media. Many such platforms have been utilized by influencers with quality content to endorse various products by different brands. Nowadays, live streaming is also one of the most favourite choices for gamers worldwide.

They use these live streaming techniques only to share reviews of various games and their related accessories, various contents and levels of the games to discuss and improve their skills, techniques and overcoming difficulties at certain levels of the games. They also do use commentary and chat options to better help visualize people how it is being done. Their technical skills, knowledge and strategies for better communication with viewers not only help the latter visualize facts but it benefits the streamers as well to gradually gain traction.

This COVID -19 turned out to be a boon for game streamers worldwide. Many of the game enthusiasts from various professions including those whose ultimate bread and butter are game streaming only, lately have so much involved in such activities resulting in a sudden spike of daily active users in various streaming platforms.

Now, if you too want to monetize your content through game streaming and thus earning some good bucks then you are never too late to think of embarking upon your career in it. Because gaming is for all and people irrespective of their age, profession and coming from various walks of life have made successful careers in esports.

Below are some of his perspectives on how to become a successful game streamer.

Getting the right gadget

It is important as well as imperative especially to choose your device wisely for those who mostly prefer mobile gaming and make sure your investments don't go in vain. This is where PC Games give an edge over mobile gaming because our desktop PCs have the facility to set up robust configurations that can easily run games of any kind successfully.

Selecting the right game

This plays another crucial role because one needs to understand the current trends and streaming value of any particular games. PUBG Mobile had a huge viewership for which it gained a lot of traction on streaming platforms and social media and this idea helped him to gain his popularity as well.

Choose the right platform

With each platform gaining popularity in different regions across the globe, you must select a platform that can help you build your target audience and understand what they need. Example: To become a successful game streamer in India streaming platforms can be of immense help for upcoming streamers.

Selecting a target group

In this cut-throat competition of game streaming business, to become successful one should focus to identify what his or her viewers need from his or her contents. For example, in a country like India watching competitive highlights is quite popular and favourite among viewers. This is like highly unique creativity, techniques and skills that can give you a competitive edge over others once you upload a video clip of yours playing the game and highlight your skills in achieving your goals within it.

Don't be run behind the figures

Stay focused and look for quality contents that can give you a competitive edge as everyone starts from scratch and the number of viewers gradually grows from one to many. At the initial stage, it can be frustrating for many but then consistent is the key to success. To survive in this cut-throat competition, patience matters so instead of running behind the number of viewers just focus on your game and watch other rival game streamers do what they are doing to gain such traction.

Parth Chadha

Founder & CEO, EWar Games

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