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5 Trends For Businesses To Consider In Their Digital Strategy Today If your business isn't taking advantage of the 5 biggest trends in digital media, then you're missing out on valuable opportunities for growth.

By David Wither

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Online marketing is one of the most powerful and dynamic tools for promoting a modern business. But the technology that we use to access information is rapidly changing. If you are digitally promoting your business online, your marketing strategies need to grow and adapt to take advantage of new developments.

If your business isn't taking advantage of the 5 biggest trends in digital media, then you're missing out on valuable opportunities for growth. We've curated a list of the 5 most important online trends today, so you'll be able to maximize the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

The Growth of Mobile

According to a study performed by SimilarWeb, mobile traffic accounts for over 56 per cent of total internet traffic. With so many applications and websites monetizing their products with Google AdWords Mobile, taking advantage of this platform is your ticket to appearing in front of consumers worldwide.

Due to the advanced technology present in modern mobile devices, mobile PPC campaigns have several advanced datasets that allow you to target users more accurately than in a desktop environment. These advanced targeting features have a major impact on your conversions.

"You are getting clicks from highly targeted traffic, these users are often times much further down the sales funnel." Says Anthony Sarandrea, CEO of SiteFlood. Geolocation is significantly more accurate. But despite how powerful these targeting features are, you still need to ensure your campaign is mobile optimized. Making sure that your landing pages are mobile optimized and device friendly are essential ingredients in an effective marketing campaign.

Social Media Ad Platforms

Several years ago Google offered one of the most widely used advertising platforms on the market. But with the rise of Social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, there are now more ways than ever to have your ad displayed to users. Users on each of these platforms are in a different mindset while viewing content. It's essential that you adapt your campaigns to effectively reach these users, and explore all of your options for your PPC campaigns.

Embedded Video

There was a time when embedding video content in websites utilized too much CPU time and bandwidth. But in 2016, even inexpensive mobile devices are equipped with multi-core processors and high volume data plans. Using video in your PPC campaigns is a more effective and eye-catching way to get your message across to users. Developments such as Googles AMP mean that your video will run smoothly and display correctly for users across any platform.

Advanced Analytics & Event Tracking

Even when you've perfected your ad targeting, you still need a way to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Huge advancements have been made to the Google Analytics platform. You are now able to see much more information on your users than ever before.

Cross-device data tracking allows you to see recurring visitors regardless of whether they are on their desktop, laptop or mobile device. Event tracking gives you more insight into how users actually interact with your website. By measuring activities such as file downloads, video plays and mobile ad clicks, you'll be able to understand the relationship between user behavior and conversions better than ever before.

Advanced Re-targeting

Often it takes many communication attempts before your campaign is able to effectively resonate with consumers. By utilizing the re-targeting features of many large PPC platforms, you'll be able to have your ads displayed to users who have already visited your website. This feature allows you to salvage page bounces, and generally produces a much higher CTR than standard PPC ads, since you are only displaying your messages to people who have already expressed interest in your products or services.

Although the web seems to change on an almost daily basis, keeping up with modern trends is not as challenging as it appears to be. Take the time to modify your existing PPC campaigns to meet modern standards, or work with a company that has direct experience in this field. Generally, a few simple tweaks can have a radical impact on your conversion rate and bottom line.

David Wither

Team and Startup Management Coach, Wither Leadership Consulting

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