AI is Here To Stay and No, It Won't Take Away Your Job At RISE 2017, a panel discussion addressed critical theories on how robots and humans will be working together in the near future

By Nidhi Singh

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There are many examples of artificial intelligence technology that are used in our daily lives. Each example shows us how this technology is becoming important to solve our problems. But what concerns many tech leaders is that how humans and robots working together will radically change the way that we react to some of our greatest problems.

At RISE 2017 in Hong Kong, Ritu Marya, editor-in-chief, Franchise India moderated a panel discussion chaired by Michael Kaiser, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance, Elisabeth Hendrickson, ‎VP Engineering, Big Data at Pivotal Software and Adam Burden, Group Technology Office, Accenture.

The discussion addressed certain critical theories on how to see the world which is probably going to see robots and humans working together.

AI Will Make Humans Super Rather Than Being a Super Human

"We spend a lot of time thinking about the role of AI in the future because we do business advisory services for clients and strategic thinking about where the businesses are heading? I think there is one fundamental guiding principle that we have that the impact of automation and artificial intelligence is more about making humans super rather than being the super human," said Burden adding that AI enabling people on amplifying their experience is right way to look at it

He feels a lot of companies looking at artificial intelligence and automation as a means of labour savings is a short term view.

Elaborating the role of AI Burden shared an example of his work in the insurance industry where he is implementing AI to save time.

"We have trained the AI systems so that one can add the site of the accident and add the pictures of the vehicle to automatically get the claim against the damage. Your time gets saved in this process and overall the experience and profitability also gets better," he said.

Talking about countries quickly adopting robotic automation in their daily lives, Burden shared that United States and China will use AI technology to the fullest to lower down the increase of labour population. India having an increasing population presents some different set of challenges but AI technology will help in solving those challenges too.

The Integrity Of That Data Becomes Credible

With too much data floating around, cybersecurity is an area where AI can truly show its capability. Kaiser believes AI technology is going to transform cyber security.

"The new concept that's been most talked about now a days is the data that's been flowing everywhere. Very few of our systems are self-contained. Take smart city as an example where you have cars moving in the city that must get information from the municipality about traffic flows, accident or other kind of things. That data is collected somewhere and needs to go to the car. When you start looking at the interdependence of that data, the integrity of that data becomes credible," explained Kaiser.

He further suggested that every smart city should have a safe platform where the car knows that what information it's getting is true and real.

Robot Will Only Make Human Jobs Better

Robots are doing more number of jobs that once were done by humans. Elisabeth, however, thinks that a robot will only give an ability to make human jobs better and easier by automating pieces that are time-consuming.

"We don't talk about how a large number of people don't need help in scheduling because Google Calendar helps us to do that. So when you think about your job, you are not going to get replaced but your job will get easier which is going to free you up to focus on more creative aspects of it," she said.

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