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Designing Technology: Creative Future for Visual Designers Whatever is efficient and helps you save time, sells, this is also why minimal designs are now a hit! Less and impactful content, to-the-point-illustrations & above all - simple to use

By Twinkle Sharma

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In the world of design, change is the only constant! It is subjective, can be personal and yet is forever evolving. What sells today, might not tomorrow. Engaging your audience and keeping them hooked can become a challenge sometimes because of infinite opportunities available at the click of a button. The bigger challenge then is on how to make our idea and brand stand out?

Books have been written, documentaries are being made, seminars/ workshops etc. are being organised just to get people to be more illuminated with the concept of design. At the end of the day, the design needs to sell – it needs to attract EVERYONE! It's no longer only Target Audience centric – as the gap between customers and consumers is also narrowing down!

The power of UI/ UX has been up for debates for the longest time and finally, people are starting to see the trends where good UI/ UX has played a crucial role in the success of a brand/ organisation. If the design doesn't resonate with the messaging of a brand, or its core philosophy, people won't be able to connect with it.

Nothing is Timeless - Especially Not Design! Everything is Time Sensitive

Whatever is efficient and helps you save time, sells. This is also why minimal designs are now a hit! Less and impactful content, to-the-point-illustrations & above all - simple to use.

Not every designer needs to know how to code. But there are over 50 tools which let you create gifs, videos, prototypes, interactive designs and so much more than you can even think of. Working in synergy with back end developers always help in not having to re-invent the wheel, which is why it becomes pertinent to work as a team!

The rate at which technology is evolving, it is difficult to ascertain trends pertaining to anything specific, especially recruitments and hiring – the trends we observe can go redundant by the time a thought is established/ published!

However, within the gamut of Technological services, there are a whole lot of jobs gaining popularity, as they're also the need of the hour where evolving and innovating are concerned.

To name a few, AI (Artificial Intelligence), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Machine Learning, IoT (Internet of Things), VR (Virtual Reality) are some that are picking momentum.

Within the recruitments sphere, few initiatives that we see recruiters take include:

Background Checks and Assessments

Pre-employment screening is done to ensure no fudging of information is provided by the candidate else it ends up taking up a lot of time for the recruiter to ascertain how to fit the candidate could be for the position being offered.

Recruitment Marketing Technology

LinkedIn remains the portal to find candidates based on their experience, place of work and qualification. It still remains a credible source to reach out to apt candidates. Besides, now in the era of being able to post job ads across platforms and also target specific individuals using SEO, SEM, it has become simpler for recruiters to narrow down their search and reach out to candidates already filtered on the basis of the requirement for an organisation.

Besides this, we also see the HR functions studying data of existing and potential employees in order to gauge how it impacts the organisations' productivity. Being data-driven, even in the HR function has helped organisations increase productivity and plan an employee's life cycle – from training to performance, to the need for a Performance Improvement Plan, likely attrition, retention policies etc.

Like for any business, and in general, Networking is something that goes a long way. In today's era of social media and being able to remain connected to almost everyone we would have met through childhood, school, college, places of work, on the aeroplane, during travel, at a café and so on and so forth. We see a mix of personal and professional lives also. Personal contacts can become business partners or clients or customers, where we also establish a professional equation with them. And sometimes, professional acquaintances can turn into friends, where the relationship lasts even beyond work – when one of the two has probably moved out of the organisation!

Besides, there are also so many events that happen these days with various themes, some are even clearly with the intent to have people from various streams network – depending on their interests and tastes. So yes, having a credible network does go a long way!

Twinkle Sharma

Senior Visual Designer, WorkKey, Trihund Solutions

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