Benefits of Video in Marketing

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With internet speeds getting better, videos are now becoming very popular on the internet. Almost every smart phone has a video camera that can be used to shoot videos.

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Another video based social network, Periscope, is becoming very popular. Almost anybody with a smart phone can broadcast his own channel on periscope.

Why are videos becoming very popular?

  • They are relatively easy to make. Anybody with a smart phone can shoot and edit a video.
  • It is a very personal medium. The broadcaster can build a more intimate and personal relationship with his audience.
  • Videos and pictures get far more shares on social media than written text.
  • More can be conveyed in lesser time with videos.
  • Product demos and website features can be shown rather than just verbally explained.

How can companies improve their customer experience with videos?

FAQs – The frequently asked questions part of their website can be greatly enhanced with video demonstrations. Customers can actually see a step-by-step process of solving a problem.

Video chat – Seeing a human face can build that emotional connect with a brand. Some companies are experiencing far better customer satisfaction rates after switching to video chats.

More engagement on social media – Brands are asking customers to share their videos which is seeing more engagement on social media. It's becoming a great way to become more social.

Instructions - A product demo or even a How-to video can do a far better job of explaining a product than mere text based instructions. Telling people what their product can do is one thing, but showing them what it can do is far more efficient.

More credibility with video testimonials – A video testimonial from a customer definitely has far more credibility than a testimonial in text. Viewers know it is a real person. Several online marketers have been using video testimonials for quite some time now.

Access to a different kind of audience – YouTube has more than 4 billion page views a day, and a very strong and engaged audience. It is the second largest search engine next only to Google. People are searching on YouTube for various ways to do things; this gives brands access to an audience that is most comfortable consuming videos than content in any other form.

Increase open rates in emails – An opt-in email mailing list is one of the biggest assets for any business. However, finding ways to increase engagement and open rates is far more important. A video in an email is known to increase email open rates.

Increase in conversions – Adding a video on a landing page is known to increase conversions. Isn't that the end goal of every business? A lot of businesses have reported that adding a video has increased purchases.


In an ever changing world, video is the new trend in marketing. It is changing the way we do business. Marketers are seeing that videos have helped increase engagement, conversions, brand loyalty, and have provided a far greater customer experience. With technology improving significantly, the use of videos in marketing is only going to increase.