ChatGPT and the New Beta App ChatZero Updates

The viral AI tool ChatGPT that can mimic human responses, may soon introduce a paywall.

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The viral AI tool ChatGPT that can mimic human responses, may soon introduce a paywall. The tool currently is available for all to use at full capacity at no charge at all. The new premium\ paid version will offer users some perks.

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On ChatGPT's official discord handle the waitlist for the paid version of the chatbot named "ChatGPT Professional," was shared. The update included no blackout windows, faster responses without throttling and double the answers than the free version.

For signing up, a Google Form needs to be filled where various questions would be asked about your expectations from the premium version, especially the pricing. One of the questions in the form is, "At what price (per month) would you consider ChatGPT to be a bargain, a great buy for the money?". The tool's premium version may be priced depending upon the responses. The AI tool since its release has gained great traction. Since it is capable of writing essays that usually take humans hours to complete in a minute, several students can send in essays without actually doing any work.

This did not sit right with Edward Tian, a computer science student at Princeton. He developed an app that can help detect if a text is written by a human themselves or with the help of ChatGPT.

The app called ChatZero is currently in its beta stage and according to its creator the next few weeks will be spent improving the model and its analysis.

After the ChatGPT garnered much attention, public schools in New York City banned its use. Although, students could still work around that ban by completing their work at home on personal devices. The ChatZero app can be accessed on its website