Chronicles of the New-Age Oral Digitalization India is definitely emerging as one of the most sought after destinations for dental tourism in the world

By Dr Shantanu Jaradi

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Try and picturize this: You go in for your planned dental check-up and learn about the cavity that's got built-up in your precious enamels.

But to your amazement, instead of a lengthy process that encompasses drilling into your tooth, your dental expert actually shoots in a laser beam into your mouth, followed by injecting a paste. Voila! Your tooth is fixed. Was this scenario anywhere close to being a science fiction revolving around dentists? This situation is really not too far-fetched. The upcoming years of dental technology will flock in radical new oral health methods that will transform enduing painful dental appointments into swift and effortless visits.

The dentist's chamber in the coming years will have very little semblance to the ones visited by patients today: offices staffed by one or two dentists and a couple of hygienists who have treated families for generations. Within a decade, dentistry will progressively move towards being digitized, flexible and portable—not just in developed countries, but almost around the world. Dental experts belonging to the generation of the millennials are already embracing this huge dental transition.

Dentistry and its Glorious Digital Future

The biggest challenge posed by the dental profession in recent times is to enhance the quality of oral health while disabling both extrinsic and essential factors which may adversely affect the progress. The collective efforts of dental education, dental research, and dental practice will be needed to enable the dental sector to maintain the quality of the present system and to meet the myriad changes that will graph the new directions in the future.

Digital Transition

There are many transitions that can be observed due to digital dental technologies. The first and foremost, is better communication. Lucidity in communication is boosted by electronic patient records that offer platforms for clear conversation between dentists, patients, dental laboratory technicians, and third party stakeholders. This major paradigm shift aids in advancing the quality of work by making treatments an easy and painless affair.

Impact and Influence of Digitalization in Dentistry

The more recent advancements in dentistry involve the approval of digital technologies in all forms to advance the excellence of care, and patient understandings. Digital dentistry comprises the broad aspects of technologies that bring the communication, documentation, production and delivery of dental treatment under the canopy of computer-based algorithms. In the zone of the new-age dentistry three-dimensional images that have been designed on surface scanning, radiographic and photographic sets help to effortlessly capture the evidence of diagnosis.

Outburst of Innovative Technologies

The below mentioned world-class inventions in technology enable in bestowing patients with superior results.

  • Laser dentistry offers a much less aggressive alternative as compared to many dental procedures. The light energy that emits from lasers leads to a condensed and almost pain-freecurative period.
    • Composite Resins offer the assistance over older technologies as they are more refined to imitate tooth shades and tooth functioning.
    • Air-Abrasion allows exacteradication of decomposed teeth without using a local anaesthesia to getoral problems such as cavities treated.
    • The superior method of CAD/CAMis used in various dental clinics to provide highly accurate design of items or materials to be constructed.
    • Digital marvels like 3D Printing and Digital Modelsallow a well-organized flow of work for dental specialists.
  • Digital Advancements

The arena of digital dentistry has been evolving consistently and modifying to suit the patients innate needs and requirements. Introduction of digital skills in the dental practice has enabled earlier and better detection of oral disease, it has further amplified the awareness among patients inspiring them to opt for the process of dental digitalization.

Robotic Dental Urbanization

The upheaval of digital technology is the introduction to robotics in the dental podium. With this newestadvance of dental technology, it is now possible for one to perfectly restore a beautiful and healthy smile just in a single session unlike the traditional times.

Challenges in the path of Digitalization

Regardless of the exciting advancements and enhancements to technologies that can be incorporated in dental practice, enduring challenges to their use and obstacles to adoption exist. The greatest challenge and disruption when deciding how to integrate different types of digital technologies into the practice are the factors like cost, interoperability and unwillingness to adopt and adapt to the ever-changing and enhanced dental methods.

Mass Acceptance

The ineluctable transformation of the dental industry which is still predominantly a skill-based industry, is being driven by an unbelievable surge in the use of digitally equipped technology. When Dentistry embraced these emerging technologies, it helped a lot of procedures to become efficient and precise. This should result in a satisfied customer that could be a potential for repeat business.

Digital Accuracies

Digitalisation in Dentistry has increasingly become an important part for all aspects in the delivery of care. The specialist must ensure that the desires of the patients interwoven with the right treatment-planning choices and aesthetic challenges have been met with utmost precaution and precision.

The Upswing of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism refers to patients travelling to other countries for a more affordable and effective treatment. India is definitely emerging as one of the most sought after destinations for Dental Tourism in the world. It is growing at a fast pace due to its superior treatment facilities in an inexpensive price slab.

The future of dental technology although will bring with it many stirring changes for dentists and oral surgeons, but for patients the pluses are unpretentious: Less time, money, and uneasiness. Persistentlybudding technologies are transforming the face of dentistry, making the fear of asore dentist appointment truly a thing of the past.

Dr Shantanu Jaradi

Founder and CEO, Dentzz Dental Care Centres

Dr. Shantanu Jaradi is the Founder and CEO of Dentzz Dental Care Centres.

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