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Energy-efficient Elevators Demand Is On the Rise The year 2022 in the elevator industry is going to be more focused on the technological and sustainable aspects of elevators

By Manish Mehan

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Elevators have come a long way from a wooden box hooked by a pulley in the 300 BC to a human-powered, counter-weighted, personal elevator build in 1743, hydraulic crane build in the year 1846, to the 1st electric elevator in the 19th century. The elevator trends have been improvising unfailingly. But what is the future and need of elevators in this regard?

The answer is "green, energy efficient elevators". Green elevator is a trend the elevator industry is following for a few years now. But nevertheless, it is sure that the trend will be followed for a considerable upcoming span as elevator businesses around the planet are putting efforts to build and develop new technologies and designs that are sustainable and consume less energy.

Current Innovation trends in the elevator Industry

  • Digital transformation in elevators has come up with primary inventions and advancements such as the launch of:
  • Smart elevators such as IoT-based elevators that can monitor performance, make real-time maintenance decisions, provide updated status, advance reporting, control, and monitor the elevator remotely. For instance, TK Elevator's, "MAX", which is a game-changing predictive and pre-emptive maintenance solution that extends remote monitoring capabilities to dramatically increase current availability levels of existing and new elevators. Utilizing the power of Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) technology, MAX predicts maintenance issues before they occur, and empowers elevator engineers by flagging the need to replace components and systems before the end of their lifecycle.
  • Machine room-less technology, the MRL elevators use a gearless traction machine located in the hoistway moving the cab through the hoistway.
  • Rope-less elevator such as MULTI, the world's first rope-free elevator invented by TK Elevator has multiple cars moving in a single shaft vertically and horizontally and reduces the required space for elevator shafts while increasing passenger throughput.
  • MULTI is set to revolutionize tall building construction. With MULTI's rope-free system, architects and developers are no longer restricted in their designs by concerns about elevator shaft height and vertical alignment. MULTI opens the door to design possibilities in all directions.
  • TK Elevator's, TWIN elevator system consists of two cabs that operate in the same shaft independent of each other. Both cabs operate under the same intelligent group control system and are equipped with an innovative quadruple redundancy safety system. It uses less energy while transporting more passengers than conventional elevators.
  • Likewise, TK Elevator's AGILE Destination Selection Control (DSC) improves system efficiency and passenger experience by effectively shortening wait and travel times. Compared to conventional elevator control systems, the AGILE DSC increases passenger handling capacity by up to 30 per cent, minimizes passengers' travel times to their destination and reduces crowding in lift lobbies. DSC also allows for much more flexibility in elevator grouping, lift core layouts and overall building design.
  • Sheer speed elevators that can manage to go from ground floor to top floor within minutes be it one of the tallest buildings in the world.
  • Transit management solutions for elevators that optimize travel time and make the elevator more user-friendly and sustainable.
  • AI elevators that can provide real-time insights, productive maintenance, and enable communication in elevators.
  • All these innovations have transformed the trends in the elevator industry. Digital innovation has enhanced technology like data, extended reality technology, algorithms, and detectors to reach efficiency and safety for the consumer.

Expectations of Green elevators in the upcoming year

The studies show that green elevators, eco-friendly designs, and machine room-less elevators have provided a broader range of possibilities in the elevator industry's growth. Technologies like transit management solutions, that optimize travel time in buildings make them more user-friendly, flexible, and sustainable. Smart elevators that have connectivity to the user or the monitor ensure the safety and convenience of the elevator. Machine room-less technology, the MRL elevators are likely to use up to 80 per cent less energy than hydraulic lifts without oil-filled underground cylinders' outlay and environmental hazards. Furthermore, the regenerative elevators don't just consume less energy but regenerate electricity and reverse it back to the building's electrical system. Improve Control features in the green elevators, there is usually a difference between the elevator's weight capacity and the counterweight. Green elevator technology's primary goal is to shorten these light loads through precision traffic control, management of interior lighting, and other energy-burning factors.

Challenges for Green elevators in the upcoming year

The major challenge the elevator industry in India faces every year and is likely to face in the upcoming year is the lack of a skilled workforce. Where we have uprising and green technology but lack in finding people who can use and help maintain them. Another minor challenge that the elevators may face is maintaining the hygiene and sanity of the passengers with the current covid-19 situation as we have previously worked on solutions for such situations by providing Aerosol Disinfectant, Air Purifier, Infrared Thermal Camera, Escalator UV Sanitizing Unit, and Touch-free elevator calling solutions, there needs to be upgrading in the solutions just like the upgrading virus. High maintenance and lack of attention, elevators require maintenance for the easy-going of the elevator. As stated earlier, there is a lack of skilled and prepared people to provide proper and timely services to the user. The elevator industry has come up with resolutions for the problems as we provide a remote monitoring solution that monitors and solves the technical glitches remotely.


The year 2022 in the elevator industry is going to be more focused on the technological and sustainable aspects of elevators. But the main focus is going to be the Green Elevators and the improvements to be made in these elevators to uplift the elevator industry, help provide a sustainable livelihood and reduce energy consumption. Elevators have been a consistent factor of innovation and upgrading be it in terms of technology, design, and user-friendliness. Which raises the anticipations of the users to another level with the upcoming year. And the elevator industry is working hard to provide the same.

Manish Mehan

CEO & MD, TK Elevator India

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