From Textile to Tech: This Third-generation Business Knows the Need of the Hour

The CEO says bandwidth and data are probably more important to the millennials than good clothing, food or shelter

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Today, the way of the world is to go digital. It is like a mantra driving everything from companies to people.

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More and more business organizations are adopting the digital trend to reach out to a larger section of consumers amid the increasing impact of technology in our routine activities.

Now, for a company to do digital, there are challenges galore because it has to revamp its operations and that requires a completely new approach.

However, the hard work, patience, and perseverance behind the process eventually pay off in favor of development of the company.

JetSynthesys Private Ltd, a part of the Jetline Group of Industries came out of its comfort zone to go completely digital, to ensure sustainable growth for a long time.

Pune-headquartered JetSynthesys currently operates through various platforms like PlayIzzOn for gaming, MereeDhun for music, Wakau in partnership with CA Media Digital for celebrity video blogging, DigiAdz for targeted digital advertising, DataLytiX for big data analytics and Jetlabs for accelerating disruptive businesses.

The company is steered by the experience and expertise of Kris Gopalakrishnan, who is onboard as the non-executive chairman.

Gopalakrishnan is the Infosys Co-founder and envisions enriching lives of millions of Indians in the digital sector.

In a chat with Entrepreneur India, Rajan Navani, Vice-chairman, Managing Director and CEO of JetSynthesys, explained why going digital was the need of the hour and how the company is creating deep tech-engagement platforms in India.

Data More Important To Millennials Than Food and Clothing

"Being the third generation in the family textile and packaging business, we have realized that several macro-economic factors are challenging the growth of our business and they are beyond our control. Also, after operating strategically in areas of human needs for years, we have come to the conclusion that bandwidth and data are probably more important to the millennials than good clothing, food or shelter," Navani explained.

He added that the experience he gathered after spending a considerably amount of time in the Silicon Valley, understanding the power of disruptive technologies, encouraged him to create a long-term sustainable business in the digital technology space.

The Digital World Does Not Have Any Barrier

Sharing his experience in the digital industry, he said, "JetSynthesys was formed a few years ago when we identified how we can enrich the daily lives of 1.3 billion Indians through the ABCD of India – Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket & Devotion — in the digital space. Over the years, we have also built platforms, ecosystems, and communities to support ABCD and have spread it to EFGH sectors of India — E-commerce, Entertainment, Fashion, Fin-Tech, Gaming, Healthcare."

Navani emphasized that unlike the physical world, the digital world did not have any barrier in terms of age or geographical location.

Celebrities Have A Better Sense Of The Pulse Of Their Audiences

Celebrities' presence can do wonders for a product or a brand. Not only they add value to a brand, they also increase the consumer base for the brand.

As per Navani, celebrities that work with Jetsynthesys are very creatively involved in the work they do. They have a sense of ownership, which works very well as they have a better sense of the pulse of their audiences.

"Our joint venture in the US works on a similar model. We worked with the production team of the recently released, Jennifer Lawrence starrer, "Passengers' movie to create the official game based on the movie. We are currently working with Adam Levine to make an augmented reality app for designing Tattoos," he added.

"In fact, it is due to this relentless focus on user experience and, of course, our deep understanding of the Indian market, that many international companies have selected us to be their exclusive India partner. Our apps, games, and platforms differ in terms of the experience they offer to the user," he added.