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How Can Entrepreneurs and Startups Simplify Professional Video Creation Using Renderforest Renderforest mitigates two problems: high cost of video development and low quality output.

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Unless you're an online media influencer ideating and creating videos with proper high-end equipment, it is quite a challenge to professional videos, especially for startup founders and entrepreneurs. Alternatives exist, you could hire an in-house video content team or an outsourcing agency; however, the costs of maintaining and training the in-house team and the time spent in sourcing agencies and convey video ideas is tremendously monotonous.

Before 2013, Narek Safaryan and his team were occupied in associating themselves with the startup industry, creating handcrafted animation videos. During those years of experience, Narek surmised that budget was a primary problem for startups to produce corporate videos. Startups would purchase video templates at an affordable price and hire a specialist to modify the template to suit specific needs. The end result would often be a half-baked effort at creating videos where the specialist couldn't actualize the video idea with animation, causing wasted time and money.

These experiences formed the genesis of Renderforest.

Renderforest mitigates two problems: high cost of video development and low quality output.

Narek understands the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in terms of the nature of videos often necessary to attain certain benchmarks. As our team was inspecting the software, we found that with Renderforest, you can create business introduction videos, explainer animations, product promotions, service promotions, presentations, Infographics, special event videos, logo animation, slideshow videos, kinetic typography, mobile app promos, music visualizations and more. You can check out their exhaustive list of templates here. On an average they add one template every day.

For startups and small businesses, there are explainer videos and whiteboard animation templates which have hundreds of scenes to select and import. Users browse their desired scenes, add them to the timeline and edit to get the video they need. They also have readymade presets which users can load and get ready made stories in seconds.

For bloggers and Youtubers there are dozens of intro and outro projects. The users simply add their logos and get a professional, broadcast quality intro video of their own needs which they can use it as an intro or outro to their YouTube videos. This is quite popular for interviews or individual bloggers.

There are also slideshow projects which can be used by real estate companies to showcase their listings, by restaurants and cafes for their menu promotions and by people who need travel or wedding slideshows and more.

They also have educational templates for educational institutions to create professional presentations to amaze their students and drive engagement. Students are more likely to watch engaging educational videos than listening to lectures.

The editing dashboard is simplified, elegant, and classy. Choose any of their customizable templates to create the video. Users can upload their own voiceovers, music, and images to tell stories. You can then edit and save these videos. You can not only create these beautiful videos but also directly share them on social media sites, including Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. All the projects are saved on the dashboard for lifetime. With Renderforest even a beginner can create broadcast worthy videos!

With a FREE Renderforest account, you can create a quality video belonging to any of the above categories and export the same with their watermark. A video without watermark cost $9+ per export or users can pay starting $99 per year and create dozens of videos for the whole year.

The company is actively growing. In a 2016 interview, Narek states that Renderforest has 800,000+ users who have created 1.5 million videos collectively. In 2015, the company received Matching Grants Competition funding with the support of World Bank, European Investment Fund, and the Government of Armenia.

With the Renderforest software, Narek is giving countless people, entrepreneurs or otherwise, a method to capture memories, a platform to actualize their visions and create interactive and impactful videos.

Soon Renderforest is planning to launch a cloud video editor to help users even more. They plan to launch social media toolkit, where users can upload their videos, edit online, add captions and intro animations and publish these on Facebook or YouTube. With Renderforest, there is no need to be a video editor, everything is simplified and automated. You just need to select your design look from readymade presets. Renderforest is also planning to implement a library of 130.000+ stock footage, so users can use the footage library in order to create their stories. All these new changes will come up later this year.

Narek and his team have the vision to make video production affordable for everyone. Going by the production functionalities of Renderforest, it seems they are well on their way to achieving that goal.

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