Tech Wizard builds tailored software with Artificial Intelligence

Sachin Dev Duggal with his is offering custom-made apps with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence or AI in its humblest terms is the intelligence demonstrated by machines that have paved its way to be implemented across sectors. And as Sachin Dev Duggal, the Founder & CEO of opines, AI with its code and algorithms, has the potential to effectively accompany human decision-making capacities. His platform is designed for building bespoke software using AI and a library of building blocks to democratize software development; making it faster and more accessible for everyone.

Early in 2012, Duggal was scorched in business by a rogue contractor. Exasperated by the incident and after hearing his friends' accounts of the similar kinds of complications happening globally, he started striving to work for creating a solution to this problem. "There is no regulation or credibility in this sphere," he specifies. "People with ideas just get overwhelmed by the whole prospect of developing a product. Hence, 90per cent of products or services never see the light of the day. To top it off, timely deliveries, flawless product, fair pricing and safeguarding the idea are significant hurdles in this unorganized market. So, by deliberating on the issues faced by startups and enterprises, was launched shortly after," he adds.

In a discussion with Entrepreneur India, Duggal highlights how AI has helped him shape his venture and the ventures of others.

Natasha – The Human-Assisted AI

Introducing Natasha, he mentions, "Natasha is our Artificial Intelligence bot that helps us create our custom apps quicker and cheaper. She communicates about our use of AI to constantly improve our technology development processes. She works effectively in the background and doesn't take credit for all the work. Her workings are supplemented by a network of 31,000 developers and creatives across every timezone in the world."

Turning Ideas Into Developed Products for Everyone

Duggal in hands with his AI undertaking tries to empower anyone with an idea and no know-how create and operate the lifecycle of any bespoke digital project. And through his venture, he has introduced three products – Builder, BuilderCare and CloudOps.

Discussing how these products are operating, he explains that Builder is an online assembly-line platform that uses AI, a marketplace of building blocks and a marketplace of teams (sourced from the capacity network of 31,000+ that includes dev shops, agencies and freelancers) to build bespoke software. An intuitive platform, Builder enables anyone to assemble the complex code necessary to build software in just five easy steps:
STEP 1 – Begin with an idea.
STEP 2 – Choose from recommended features or add your own. The AI (Natasha) will create a "Build Card', which guarantees a maximum price and estimated delivery date.
STEP 3 – Builder's development process leverages AI to tap a library of existing
components and manage a crowd-sourced global team for everything that's unique.
STEP 4 – Builder delivers a custom product by the deadline and on a budget--guaranteed.
STEP 5 – The platform can host and upgrade your product to ensure ongoing

BuilderCare, on the other hand, "guarantees your bespoke software stays up-to-date. This ensures projects run smoothly post-launch, and continue after third-party libraries such as Facebook APIs are updated," he says.

Lastly, in order to leverage AI and machine learning to optimize the management and expenses of cloud infrastructure, CloudOps is applied. "The result: a single, discounted bill for all other services," he pinpoints.
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