Meet Entrepreneurs Redefining the Crypto Space With Their Passion To Build Sustainable Blockchain Businesses

As the enthusiasm in crypto field appears to be ever-increasing, four successful young entrepreneurs share their takes on developing robust and enduring businesses in the blockchain domain

By Srivatsa KR


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A common misperception is that the blockchain and crypto industry is populated with unorganized tech-bro cowboys. However, many of the most daring entrepreneurs in fintech are methodically adopting the crypto space for developing long term serious business endeavours. Consider fintech entrepreneur and financial advisor of Crypto Casino Club, Elliot for example, who is based in London. With his extensive experience as a professional institutional trader, he had been enjoying the status of a trading expert among the FX trading enthusiasts. Though it was till 2022, when he started to consider building a sustainable blockchain business in the crypto domain. In his words, "There was a lot of speculations around the blockchain market about its sustainability and durability, though with the recent trends in terms of acceptability of NFTs, soar in mining activities and ever-growing enthusiasm in blockchain investments have indicated that blockchain could be the right place for building a long term, sustainable business models."

According to CoinMarketCap and, the total number of active cryptocurrencies as on March 2022 is 10,363 (18,465 coins if inactive currencies are considered). Again, when it comes to the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as per the estimation provided by Cointelegraph, the total volume of the NFT market went behind $3 trillion as of February this year. Elliot says about his blueprint of successful business launch in crypto world, "When you have the precious know-how and have a great idea to implement, it is only about picking the right time and assembling the right team which you need to ensure to carry out a successful business launch."

Florian, an entrepreneur based in Paris, Maël a 7 figure e-commerce brand owner and blockchain enthusiast, and finally Etienne, a successful entrepreneur came together to create CryptoCasinoClub. The NFT utility collection of CryptoCasinoClub consisted of 7,777 unique casino machines stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Elliot further explains the concept, "Each crypto casino club NFT has been developed and designed by our in-house designers working from Las Vegas. Every NFT design is 100% unique and offers its holders with never seen before utility. Indeed, owning a CryptoCasinoClub NFT means owning a share of the profits from the first Sandbox casino.".

As per the development of the concept of the CryptoCasinoClub, the cofounder Florian comments, "We were very passionate about creating something one of a kind and provide a service which has never been seen before. So, we planned about the design, implemented the website wholeheartedly, designed and developed the largest casino in the sandbox metaverse and we are now ready to offer the full-fledged service of our project". CryptoCasinoClub's Casino was built by, a firm that builds metaverse real estate.

Another cofounder of CryptoCasinoClub, Etienne emphasised on the extensive technical toiling that is present behind the service that they are offering today. Eitenne said, "You can't expect to dominate the crypto space with mediocre technical know-how. You need real result driven human resources who know their onions well and are pro. We deployed the top designers and game developers to implement our project as we were committed to our end result and were ready to walk the extra miles for it".

CryptoCasinoClub's other co-founder Maël however said that the secret recipe for any successful Crypto NFT project is building a hyper-active, agile community who proactively takes part in the project. Maël says, "We knew very well that one of the fundamental traits of NFT is that it's a community driven phenomenon. We can try different time-tested marketing plans, but without a strong community base, it's hard to navigate to the path of success. Accordingly, we planned to build the community very sincerely and we have today a large community on discord and twitter. We have grown our twitter following to 33k organically now and we received a verified badge as well from twitter. The most assuring fact is that almost all our community members are very much enthusiastic about the project which gives us a glimpse of what can be the potential of this project (CryptoCasinoClub) in future."

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