Metaverse Gaming To Be Launched By the First In-depth Metaverse Project On Cardano

The Adademon team has said they will release the game's MVP and an ADADEMON metaverse demo next week

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Adademon, a play-to-earn platform based in the metaverse, has prompted a shift in the NFT gaming industry. There is a private seed sale going on right now.


The Adademon team has said they will release the game's MVP and an ADADEMON metaverse demo next week. This will give players their first look at what Adademon's play-to-earn ecosystem could look like.

CUBIX partnership

The team recently made a deal with, a top development company that will help make its project a reality. Last week, the delegation team went to the CUBIX regional office to finish work on the version of their metaverse game that uses the Cardano blockchain.

To enable investors to participate on the platform, it also unveiled its Adademon utility token ($AGONY), allowing users to access gaming platforms, DAO, and Defi/Staking. $Agony is now available for early adopters who want to use it at its best.

Staking pool with VYFinance

Adademon has also set up a staking pool with VYFinance, which is a crucial step toward achieving its project, making it possible for anyone to trade their $VYFI token for a $AGONY token by staking it. The stake can pay up to 1 million $AGONY, and each token costs $0.003. The APR is also set at 41.47 per cent. You need the VYFI app to start staking.

Elysian Plains

Another intriguing part of the Adademon platform is the Elysian Plains that offers investors the opportunity to acquire tools, data, and infrastructure required within the Adademon metaverse.

It comes with an overload effect, which is an integral part of that game that gives the top 10 landowners 1.5 per cent of their entire Adademon income. In addition, landowners can do whatever they like within their land.

Another unique feature of the Elysian Plains is the underdog effect that provides special attention to investors who can't purchase a lot of land on the platform. It allows investors with properties worth less to receive a higher APY. This will enable these small investors to become part of the community, making everyone involved.

Anyone can list or look for land for sale or rent in the ADA Demon Marketplace. Since all transactions are recorded on the immutable Cardano blockchain, a person who buys a plot of land automatically owns any assets that are on that plot. The team says that each token of Elysian land contains a code that tells where it is in the world. The value of the location is also affected by how easy it is to get to major roads and landmarks.

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