Mobile Advertising Will Play an Important Role for Startups

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2016 was a significant year for the mobile advertising industry. Mobile ad spend is up 430% since 2013, and with over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, it's becoming clear that the future of digital marketing is mobile. Brands are no longer only looking after websites because mobile apps are growing rapidly. Mobile advertising is attracting more and more opportunities for marketers, publishers and advertisers.


In a recent webinar centered around the theme of 'The Ultimate Survival Kit for Mobile Marketers in 2017', Supriya Goswami, Head of Marketing, India and SE Asia, InMobi and Vasuta Agarwal, VP & GM, InMobi shared key insights on mobile advertising trends. InMobi is an India-based mobile-first platform allowing brands, developers and publishers to engage consumers through mobile advertising.

Here are our five key takeaways from their discussion:

Mobile Video Is Going To Be A Big Trend In India:

Mobile video is going to be a big trend in India going forward. India is a market where people have gone online first with the mobile phones so it is a truly a mobile-first market. 80 percent of Indian internet users come online via their mobile devices.

Mobile Ads Will Play An Important Role If You Are A Startup:

Mobile advertising will be key pillars to your growth whether it is user acquisition through app downloads or user reactivation and reengagement through remarketing. Mobile advertising will play an important role if you are a startup in the digital eco-system. And on the flip side if you are also looking to monetize through ads then again mobile advertising plays an important role.

Build Brand Presence With Ads:

If you are a company which works in a mobile or digital space then again mobile advertising can be very useful for you to create some sort of a brand presence to actually talk about your products through mobile as a medium. And if you are actually looking to offer mobile monetization as a service then again it becomes relevant in that way.

Engaging Ads Drive More Sales:

The possibility to link sales or any kind of events with either rich media engaging ads or video ads, it exists for both. As a marketer, you have to decide what your primary campaign objective is? If your primary campaign objective is to drive sales then it is important to think about not just the ad format but various others things.

Solving The Issue Of Mobile Ad Load Time:

The issue of mobile ad load time is a challenge especially in India where internet speed and mobile data speed are quite limited. What we've seen is from an advertising standpoint is that optimizing the things like what kind of connection the user is on? And then deciding whether to serve users the video ad or not. Similarly, things like pre-cashing, buffering of the video ads for the user experience to improve. All of these things overall help in the increasing responsiveness of the app of the website. While load time is something to worry about, I think solving these issues through technology innovation is what is important.