New LAND Sale Is About To Start On This Network Dvision Network is about to initiate the 3rd LAND sale on the Polygon Network as well as the BNB Chain

By Srivatsa KR

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In this sector, there are all sorts of different projects and rather understandably, it can often prove difficult to keep track of them all. Moreover, these projects would often announce important events in order to keep their investors and supporters interested, and that is exactly what Dvision Network has done too.

What's the announcement?

Dvision Network is about to initiate the 3rd LAND sale on the Polygon Network as well as the BNB Chain. The most interesting part of this LAND Sale is that half of the available LAND NFTs shall be offered via the Shopify Marketplace. Furthermore, LAND NFTs pre-minted on Polygon Network can be bought with credit cards on Shopify, whereas LAND NFTs pre-minted on BNB Chain would be available for buying with DVI tokens on Dvision Marketplace. In addition, the Berlin and Sao-Paulo Meta-Cities, the fifth and sixth cities in the pipeline of cities connected via Dvision World, are formally included in the third LAND Sale. As a result, the LAND auction will take place on April 19, 2022, at 08:00pm KST.

Understanding Dvision Network

Before going any further, one must understand what Dvision Network actually is. Put simply, the Dvision Network is an NFT metaverse network based on blockchain technology which aspires to be the greatest in its field. Dvision Network uses its own virtual reality technology to build a sophisticated metaverse environment, decreasing entry barriers for all types of users globally. As a result, designers, companies, and regular users may immerse themselves in a unique and memorable metaverse experience.

What exactly is LAND NFT?

The term 'LAND' alludes to the virtual real estate which may be purchased and is completely customizable inside the Dvision Metaverse. Dvision World serves as the main entrance to each Meta-City, which is composed of various Meta-Spaces which are controlled entirely by the customers. Users who own LAND may also customize and offer usable material for their Meta-Space as well. As if that weren't enough, the inaugural 1st LAND Sale was only supported by the BSC (BEP-721) and the 2nd LAND Sale was only performed on the Polygon Network, but the 3rd LAND Sale will happen on both chains to bring the project closer to its multichain concept. But that's not all, as Dvision has collaborated with a number of critical project partners to plan for the third LAND Sale, which has entailed a number of difficult processes to complete. It must be noted that Shopify is merely operating as a standard marketplace and is not officially involved in the LAND Sale initiative. Dvision has also achieved the Shopify Plus merchant accreditation in order to facilitate this transaction via the Shopify NFT Beta Program.

What else is there to know about the sale?

Of course, it is imperative to know as much as possible about any event before it happens so as to derive the most benefit out of it. With that in mind, apart from London, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, all of which were the first Meta-Cities of the 20 cities to be released, Berlin and Sao Paulo will be featured in the third LAND Sale, which will display the fifth and sixth cities in the Dvision World, respectively.

The initial LAND auction in Seoul and New York (PARCEL) sold 5,800 pieces, while the second sale in Tokyo and London sold 4,600 lots. Now though, nearly 3,800 NFT Lots will be sold in the third sale. With that being said, There are two ways to participate in the third LAND sale. Berlin LAND NFTs will be BNB chain-based NFTs that can be purchased with DVI (BEP-20) at Dvision Marketplace, but Sao Paulo LAND NFTs will be available using credit cards through the Shopify-based Polygon Network marketplace.

Berlin LAND NFTs (2,035 lots) will be sold primarily on Dvision Marketplace, whereas Sao Paulo LAND NFTs (1,783 lots) would be available on Shopify Marketplace as aforementioned. Lastly, in the near future, LAND information (price, available lots, size and location, purchase rules) will be revealed as well.

What about partnerships?

Any good project in this space needs to establish key strategic collaborations to guarantee long-term survival and success. Pacific IQ was established in 2016 as a private consulting organization specialized in Shopify eCommerce, marketing, and cloud-based ERP solutions. Pacific IQ was responsible for any and all Shopify-related duties, including NFT Product Setup (custom meta field creation), Payment Gateway Setup, and UX/ UI Design. As a result, the Pacific IQ team was put in charge of the location for the third LAND Sale, which will be held on Shopify's platform.

Dvision Network is also a long-standing partner of Curvegrid, which has provided Dvision with a bridge solution that now supports Dvision's multi-chain capability. Curvegrid's NFTeapot Shopify App permits Shopify merchants and integration specialists such as Pacific IQ to swiftly add NFT functionalities to their stores. By managing the blockchain-related elements of NFT purchasing procedures automatically, the application makes it easier for customers to deal with them.

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