Tech Innovation: How Cloud Telephony Can Significantly Benefit Startups For startups opting for automation, cloud computing & Artificial Intelligence-based solutions, is an intelligent choice as it promises agility, security, & flexibility at a reasonable price

By Yatish Mehrotra

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For entrepreneurs, a successful startup is a dream, an aspiration and a passion for making a difference. To be a step ahead and achieve this dream, the constant advancements in technology serve as one of the most important channels.

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By using the technology wisely and making informed decisions, every startup in the industry, be it a cab service provider, a call centre, HR consultancy, food delivery service, logistics and much more, can build a strong presence in the market.

Technology-driven startups are making their trajectories by leveraging cutting-edge innovation to cross all the restricted thresholds. It is important for new ventures and startups to have reliable sources to safely store and access their data without spending much on infrastructure.

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Cloud Telephony is one such technology that is helping businesses tackle this problem. By putting their business communication on the cloud, startups are able to manage their customers and their database more efficiently and securely.

When you connect a call to customer care of any business, you get an automated voice that enquires you about your problem. If it's a general enquiry, you get the required information without even interacting with a human voice and if it's a complex or specific query, an agent assists you.

This is facilitated by cloud telephony solutions.

Cloud telephony can have a significant impact on the business activities of a startup or a new business venture. Here's how:

High Scalability

Cloud telephony services empower a business to regulate and manage high call volumes at one go. Every call gets tracked and recorded to ensure that no call is missed. This helps in not missing out on important leads.

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By always hearing out a customer's query and getting back to them with a proper solution, a business can have a good customer retention rate. Not only that, but potential customers find it very easy to connect with your business if they are getting quick information.


An independent business has limited funds to accommodate all their business needs. With the help of cloud telephony, a startup can manage its entire communication activities with just a smartphone. It helps in saving a significant budget that could be utilized in other activities.

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Cloud computing device cost is much more manageable, and it delivers a plethora of benefits within cost-effective packages. This entirely internet-based system effectively hosts everything online while cutting-off downtime and provide proactive data monitoring, upgraded hosting programs, etc. which automatically enhances productivity.

Easy Accessibility

Cloud telephony services proffer utmost business flexibility, which indeed is beneficial for startups. You can access all the business operations and communication across the globe seamlessly using an electronic device with internet connectivity.

Cloud hosting is an integrated system that connects your multiple office locations and devices with a single host, enabling you and other employees to manage their work and calls even while travelling, or from home.

More Security

Security is a significant concern with startups as well as established brands, but storing data on the cloud is entirely secure. It also safeguards the identity and personal details of your employees when they deal with random clients by using a virtual contact number.

Cloud service providers stores data with standard encryption, firewalls configurations, and intrusion protection systems to promise the security of client's confidential data and to deter intrusions from outside the network.


The cloud service provider guarantees 99% of up time to ensure the effective functioning of the server every time, regardless of a power outage, slow internet bandwidth, machinery breakdown, or equipment failure.


Another fascinating thing about cloud technology is automation. With solutions like text-to-speech or outbound calls, startups can send automated personalized messages to customers without any human intervention. These messages can even be scheduled in advance.

With AI-powered cloud telephony solutions like automatic keyword spotting and speech recognition, most of the business tasks are automated. The agents get customized reports with data insights that ensure better utilization of time and resources by agents.

For startups, opting for cloud telephony and cloud computing solutions is an intelligent choice as it promises agility, security, and flexibility at a reasonable price. The resources which were earlier accessible to only established brands are now affordable and easily reachable to the growing business ventures as well. This system further lets them focus more on business growth and expansion by automating processes and securing their data.

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Yatish Mehrotra

CEO, Knowlarity Communications

Mr Yatish Mehrotra, CEO, Knowlarity Communications is a veteran professional with more than 25 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and mobility, Yatish Mehrotra is the CEO of Knowlarity, the leading cloud communications provider across emerging markets. In his role, Yatish spearheads the company's overall business strategy and is also responsible for driving its long-term growth and profitability.

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