The Future Of Phone Charging has No Wires Says This Power Bank Manufacturer

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Power banks have become a need in today's age, where people want their smartphones running round the clock.There are several power banks in the market.Since its inception, Ambrane is known particularly for power banks and has diversified its product portfolio over time. In a chat with Entrepreneur India, Gaurav Dureja, CEO, Ambrane India shared the prospects of power bank industry.


The idea of Ambarne was conceptualized considering the lack of a reliable power bank brands in India.

"Anticipating the opportunities the future can provide is probably one of the most important qualities one requires to become a successful entrepreneur. I possess this quality in abundance, as the smartphone market in the country was booming, the need for an advance, higher capacity charging solution was the need of the hour," Dureja said.

Story Behind The Business name

The word Ambrane, refers to -i-am -brain that credits all the visionaries behind this business. Believe it or not, the idea behind the word was derived from the Greek word Ambrosios that means "immortal' .

Keeping The Smartphone Charged Will Just Be Easier All Round

Dureja unveiled that Ambrane has no plans to diversify into any other segment as they have recently entered into new segments and shall be exploring the same.

"The way we charge our devices has practically remained the same since the advent of mobile phones, however this is about to change. The future of phone charging has no wires and Keeping the smartphone charged will just be easier all round.Although not a well-known technology to the average consumer at present will become available over time will be more powerful, and versatile, offering an even better user experience," he said

"For instance, the latest Qualcomm Wipower wireless charging technology can power multiple devices simultaneously within a single charge area. Also, major Mobile manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC & more are positioning phones with wireless charging to drive demand at the high end," he added.