Top 5 Jailbreak Tweaks for Entrepreneurs

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Even if you're a bigger Apple fan than I am, it's impossible to completely ignore all the silly limitations that Apple imposes on your iDevice. While technical, security, and copyright based restrictions make sense, from a consumer standpoint I strongly believe it's wrong to impose restrictions on customizing your device or its software knowing that you have paid a full (and phenomenal) price on your iDevice. When the technology exists to, let's say change the theme, colors, style of interactions and everything else on your operating system using the same hardware Apple provides, why would you want to be restricted to these limits? Many understand this and push it to another level of customization by Jailbreaking their device and unlocking its full potential.


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From a business owner's or entrepreneur's standpoint, the Jailbreaking community offers much relief via several dozen, if not hundreds of tweaks to customize, speed up and personalize their device. Some offer more security, while others remove arbitrary restrictions on popular apps and still others just make interaction and usability easier and streamlined. Given the infinite possibilities, here are top five tweaks that you must try on your jailbroken iDevice:


ITunes is the perfect example of how not desperate attempts to force your company's only official compatible software to work with your devices may increase the total downloads, but will generate maximum hate from your most loyal customers. This simple tweaks completely eliminates the need to use the horrible software of iTunes for all extensive purposes – including copying music, photographs, contacts and everything else to and from your computer and iDevice. Your iDevice will appear to work as a normal memory storage device, with regular folders titled music, photographs and so on – where you can copy to and from. This is useful if you want to copy some file or music to a computer that doesn't have iTunes installed or reduce the task of sharing files to under a minute as compared to a painful half an hour using iTunes.

Phantom for Snapchat

Phantom for Snapchat is the ultimate Snapchat tweeker you'd ever need. Since more and more businesses and now switching towards Snapchat to target a younger audience with a much shorter attention span, this gives you the power of extreme control. Features include saving received media to camera-roll, send images & videos from the camera-roll to any contact or profile story including an image crop feature, ability to override video orientation by shake, add custom infinite text or background color and effects and much more.


iFile is the ultimate, undisputed file manager that has existed since the early days of jailbreaking. If there's a file that can open on your computer, regardless of its format, chances are that it will open in iFile. It just gives you a flat platform to add, share, and edit files including FLAC audio, PDF, word, to complex MP4 files and work around in a Windows like interface.


Excusing the name, bluePill is the ultimate Facebook app tweaker you'd ever need. Using simple one tap options you can disable or enable VOIP, send unlimited photos sending via messenger, disable read receipts and much more. It's great for managing your company's pages if you're doing that via an iPhone.


While there are several paid (and free) scheduling apps by default in Apple's Store, Kairos makes the process much more streamlined giving users the ability to schedule a text message (or iMessage) at any point in the future directly from the stock messaging app itself. The in interface is clean and has lots of possibilities especially to impress someone by remembering their birth date or reminding someone (or even yourself) exactly about something on time. It saves your startup valuable time to respond when the event actually occurs itself.

Jailbreaking offers infinite possibilities even for non-business users, including but not limited to ad-blocking, using custom gestures to run an app or feature, scheduling your iDevice to do automatic tasks etc. Which are your favorite jailbroken tweaks? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India