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How Smart Technology is on the Verge of Compromising your Business Security? Majority of the security concerns with IoT technology depends on the engineering of the devices themselves

By Divyendra Kumar

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In the 21st century, science and fiction may not be much far as we believe. Each day thousands of new ideas are being invented and everything is growing at a rapid pace. The Internet of Technology (IoT) uses a powerful combination of Wi-Fi and cloud computing to serve millions of users all over the globe. In IoT, billions of data are stored related to every individual and the same is deployed to them as and when required. The old methods of communications such as wired sensors and transmitters are replaced by wireless technologies by IoT.

IoT ranges from entire smart cities which see's to your daily internet needs and whenever you are low, they will order the desired products and services for you. As a result of which, devices such as Fitbit and Nest are growing in popularity in the present times due to their low price, advanced functions and their ability to keep a track of your daily routine.

How can IoT be Utilized in Businesses?

Gone are the days when everything was done manually. In the current scenario, many things are being controlled by IoT and it will surely increase in the nearby future. For a business to make their work a lot easier and efficient, IoT can be a boon.

For example, in terms of a delivery truck business, users can hire a self-driving truck which will save them driver cost and also can be a great investment for the future. Also, in terms of security, the self-monitoring security systems can keep a great track on the illegal activities and safeguard the system from the same.

In the retail market, one can use IoT for keeping an accurate and an immediate inventory of every possible item where devices such as Square can turn any Smartphone or tablet into a stress-free cash register.

Though IoT is a totally new concept and is not known to a major mass of users, its potential impact looms on the horizon. In terms of increasing the sales and revenue, every company must choose such technology for increasing their sales and revenue to an extra orbit level of success and glory.

How can You Secure Your Internet of Things Technology?

When it comes to IoT, security is the biggest risk factor. IoT being a thing driven by technology all over, security constraints of such technologies can be compromised to a greater extent.

Hence, you should look at some of the factors before you go for an IoT upgrade:

1. Hacking

  • IoT has plenty of fears in terms of security and hacking compromises a major portion of it. If we talk about the present day hackers, their skills and techniques have gone through a skyrocketing level and are expanding for more. If you are using an IoT and there consists a security loophole, hackers will try their hearts out to capture on that particular system.
  • On the other hand, if the system contains confidential details such as credit card number or other personal information, hackers will try to exploit this vulnerability without encountering firewalls and other safety measures.
  • Further, your security can be compromised by hackers who can take a complete control over your device and can use your hardware to launch attacks on other systems without your knowledge.
  • Also, understanding the data storage and accessing of that particular data is something everyone should be aware of when choosing an IoT device for your business.

2. Surveillance

  • In this case, a keen attention must be paid to the microphone or camera of a particular device. Any device which contains a microphone and a camera can be compromised in ways no one would have thought of. These devices can be activated by some means or the other and can deadly compromise on the security constraints.
  • Also, it can also capture some of your secret recordings and audio clips which you would have never wanted to sell-out in any way.
  • Thus, look out for all the permissions your device wants and pay a keen attention to those who are looking for to eavesdrop on you.

3. Company Security Policies

  • It is agreeable that any company levies their policies and security constraints considering some of the best norms and tactics.

But, the actual question arises on managing that security on the devices. In devices, irrespective of the maximum amount of security protection, data can still be stolen without an actual knowledge of the device user.

  • In addition, for the protection of company's data, there isn't such kind of laws built for IoT which can protect the security constraints to a level of satisfaction.
  • For security purposes in IoT, a major portion of companies depend on self-regulation and self-reporting for which there should be a set rule of certain laws and policies.

4. Education and Caution

  • People of today are highly reliant on technology. For every small work, technologies are used which is not a good sign for the modern day generation. If you are relying on the smart technology, you must know its bad sign also in accordance with its good ones.
  • For employees who come in contact with a company should be aware of the possible threats and security breaches they may cause to that particular employee.
  • Also, a small seminar on the present day IoT technology conduction can also be helpful to make people understand its usefulness as well as its drawbacks.

Majority of the security concerns with IoT technology depends on the engineering of the devices themselves. For such reason, awareness and implementation of certain norms are essential when it comes to choosing IoT for your business. Though it looks fun and exciting like the car door opening automatically or your computer boots up automatically, the vulnerabilities of this technology do cast a tail of shadow on its practicality.

Divyendra Kumar

Founder & Director WritoMozo | Co-founder & Director SoftoMozo

Divyendra Kumar is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of effectively managing senior leadership positions in the computer software industry. Passionate about startups, he is involved in his two service-based startups focused on app/web development, Branding, Marketing. An from IIT Delhi, His education, work and life allow him to consult entrepreneurs from across the globes on technology and marketing.
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