Xiaomi Mi 5 Costs Half but is as Powerful as Smartphones get

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The Chinese super giant that has surprised marketing experts with its incredible sales pitches and numbers, its newest product Xiaomi Mi 5 is already taking storm of reviewers across the world. Thankfully, this is one of those rare phones where Asian countries, including India, get an advantage of an early release and cheaper pricing as compared to MNC giants like Apple and Google Nexus.


It's said to be competing with these giants yet at less than half their price. But as they say, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.


Xiaomi Mi 5 borrows a lot of elements from its predecessor Mi Note, which was also referred and acknowledged in the press launch. The design admittedly does look progressive and sleek, and they've managed to fit a good 3000Mah battery inside this tiny device weighing around 129g. The metallic look provides a bit of a slip in it's grip, but you'd probably use a cover anyway. The back, unfortunately looks hastily designed, and easily gives away the cheap Chinese phone look.


The crisp 5.15 inch full HD display appears to be very reflective, and it's difficult to get a selfie out in the sun without your face bouncing back the polish. But that's where the innovative Sunlight Display, which dynamically adjusts the brightness on pixels, so that one does not have to strain their eyes when out in bright sunlight comes in play. That is really impressive display right there – with the text appearing sharp, colors are vibrant.


It's the first smartphone in India with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820. It's paired with DDR4 RAM & UFC 2.0 storage. The quadcore processing makes the phone good for virtually any use- even though it's draining the battery at the downside. But hey, a little bit of tweaking can do wonders. For its price, it's working great. It's clocked 1.8 ghz.


With a stunning 16MP camera with four axis OIS, Ultrapixel camera front camera and brilliant LED flashes, the camera is great. Not stunning, but great nonetheless.


If you cannot afford a Galaxy flagship Smartphone because it doesn't make sense as the next model can launch before you can even finish your previous phone's EMI, then this is the right phone for you. But if you're expecting the world's fastest and perfect phone, there's no such thing, but this does come close to it, for the price. The fastest selling point is making luxury affordable to everyone.

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