How to Ensure that the Legacy of Women Entrepreneurship Lives on?

So how can one ensure that budding, women entrepreneurs continue to find voices, platforms and people to support and provide avenues to fulfil their aspirations?

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After years, there has come a time when women are doing everything they want and are going all-out to pursue their aspirations. No matter how big a movement of women entrepreneurship it has become, the momentum needs to last and not fade with the tide of times. The women’s movement is like a sea. Just as waves keep moving the flow of water, it is the duty of the present generation to ensure that waves of women entrepreneurship keep getting added so that the flow of women entrepreneurship is not hindered.

So how can one ensure that budding, women entrepreneurs continue to find voices, platforms and people to support and provide avenues to fulfill their aspirations?

Sonal Agarwal

Apply the Strategy of the Stretch Target

Sonal Agarwal, Co-founder and Chief Design Officer of Campus Sutra, feel that women must be pushed beyond their limits such that they become confident and capable individuals within themselves. She says, “From the beginning, we provide women employees with challenging projects and larger opportunities so it helps boost their confidence; we don’t give them an easy target but a “stretch-target” and give them the space to explore their potential and exude confidence.”

Girija Jhunjhunwala

A neutral perspective

Girija Jhunjhunwala, Director, Campfire Graphic Novels, believes in adopting a neutral perspective. “I don’t think any person who joins any organization need any gender-specific guidelines to start working. However, work-related advice are offered whenever needed at Campfire”.     

Malini Saba

A Room of their Own

Malini Saba, Founder of Saba Industries, says, "As women entrepreneurs, we must allow the younger lot to be their best and guide them wherever they get stuck. It is also important to allow them to make mistakes. Everything will help them and your company to grow."
Kuntal Aggarwal

Fostering Them into Fine individuals

Kuntal Aggarwal, Founder of Resaiki Interiors, believes that she is always on a lookout for extremely ingenious and artistic in the designs of young aspirants. She also helps her mentees become fine and capable individuals. "I try to make them learn the importance of deadlines and time management."   
Jyotsna Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group

Encouragement is the Key

Jyotsna Uttamchandani, Executive Director of Syska Group, feels that encouragement is the key, "For women who have newly joined a company, it is important to encourage them to perform their daily tasks well from a long term perspective. It is also important to guide and support them so that they are able to overcome challenges such as power dynamics, organizational hierarchy, biases and stereotypes." 
Harshita Mann

Providing them with an environment to Blossom

Harshita Mann, Director of Lancers International School, feels that young budding women entrepreneurs must be provided with an environment where they can bloom and blossom. “We must offer them a progressive, safe and supportive environment, and also honour their voices and ideas. At the same time, we do our best to mentor and guide them to foresee the future, build and work on their communication and decision-making skills, and motivate them to claim the leadership role they believe they are best suited for.”