Mommy Power: Anushka Sharma Creates Digital Community For Mothers

Millet-based children's food brand Slurrp Farm today unveiled 'Yes Moms', a digital-first community of mothers to enable mothers to connect with, learn from, and support one another.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

(L To R) Shauravi Malik (Co-founder - Wholsum Foods), Anushka Sharma (Investor- Wholsum Foods and Bollywood actor) and Meghana Narayan (Co-Founder Wholsum Foods)

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Millet-based children's food brand Slurrp Farm today unveiled 'Yes Moms', a digital-first community of mothers to enable mothers to connect with, learn from, and support one another. Yes Moms was launched at a high-decibel event in Mumbai by mother, Bollywood actor, and Slurrp Farm investor, Anushka Sharma. The event saw the presence of over 150 mothers from across the country.

Yes Moms will create a safe space for moms to discover, debate, and engage with each other on topics related to food and nutrition as their children journey through babyhood into childhood and beyond. A panel of nutritionists and pediatricians will also help arm mothers with the right information.

The launch of Yes Moms also coincides with the UN-designated International Year of Millets - the community will provide a platform for mothers to learn more about supergrains like ragi, jowar, amaranth, bajra amongst others. Research has shown that nutricereals like millets go a long way in improving health and nutrition, especially if consumed in the early years of one's life. At the core of Slurrp Farm's brand proposition is to take millets to the center of kids' plates, in a bid to set them up for healthy and happy futures.

Sharma, a long-time advocate of healthy and natural eating shared her experience with mothers present at the event. She said, "I am a mom and it is important for me to be conscious about my daughter's food. I've discovered that the best way is to surround myself with the right allies. My allies are other mothers who are going through the same experiences, creating and trying out new ways to keep their children happy and healthy. 'Yes Moms' is a milestone initiative by Slurrp Farm to enable mothers like myself to connect and share tried and tested tips and tricks. Moreover, it will also educate mothers on the benefits of the super grain millet, a grain I have personally grown up eating. I know the immense value it adds to our overall health and well-being, especially if included in our diets from the early years. I can't wait for mothers across India to discover more about these wonder grains through Yes Moms."

Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan, Co-founders of Wholsum Foods, the parent company of Slurrp Farm, said, "As mothers ourselves, we recognize, and greatly emphasize the importance of feeding kids right and also having a support system, in other moms who can relate to your experiences. We're firm believers that only a mom can truly understand and add value to the journey of another. With Yes Moms, it is our endeavour to do just that - give moms like us a platform to learn, help, and support each other, connect on the basis of common experiences around feeding children. Feeding is one of the most intrinsic parts of a mother-child relationship and there's a lot of pressure on getting it just right. We want to drive behaviour change to allow for a healthier, happier future for all children. At the same time, we want to bring back the joy to it by surrounding mothers with a powerful sisterhood. Yes Moms will educate mothers, minimize stress, empower them and just let mealtimes be happy, healthy and yummy."

Founded in 2016, Slurrp Farm aims to provide healthy, yummy and natural snack and mealtime options for young children and their parents.

Kabir Singh Bhandari

Senior Associate Editor

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