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Shraddha Kapoor: The Celeb Investor How Shraddha Kapoor is stocking up on startups

By Punita Sabharwal

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After months of back and forth, we are aligned to meet on a Monday afternoon in Mumbai with the actress who is not only ruling the big screens but also our digital lives. She is the second most followed Indian actress on Instagram just behind global icon Priyanka Chopra and beating the likes of Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone. Shraddha Kapoor needs no introduction, as she has been winning hearts with her sweet voice and beautiful charm. As she says, "Acting is my first love but music fulfills my soul." The moment she enters the shooting area she greets everyone with the warmest smile and flaunts her new haircut like an innocent child. While growing up Shraddha was always amazed to see her father being involved in the process of acting but growing up she was in denial that she won't be an actor as other people perceive her. As destiny had it, she dropped out of college from her undergrad at Boston to pursue her acting career. In her own words, "At the bottom of my heart, I always wanted to act. I would find it exciting to play different characters." After a rocky start to the first two failures, she finally captured the audience's hearts with Aashiqui 2 and as they say, the rest is history. The actress who will soon be seen in Luv Ranjan's next starring opposite Ranbir Kapoor believed in pursuing her heart. She goes on to say, "I actually feel like an outsider even while coming from a film family. I had to find opportunities myself. My father categorically told me, I will not make any calls as he said he was an outsider when he came so I need to approach it like that." She went on to find her road forward.

Shraddha has also been bitten by the startup bug as she has made investments in many. When asked about her investment thesis, she says, "I am an animal lover and believe in preserving mother earth, would love to partner with brands that align with these causes." Here's the millennial icon and influencer who established herself in the industry through her hard work rather than just having acting and singing in her genes.

Startups and Stardom

Any childhood memories wherein you realized that you were born to emote and act?

Honestly, despite coming from a family of actors and musicians, acting was still a far-fetched dream. I was very impatient to get into films. I wanted to act since I was a kid. It was a calling inside me and I remember seeing my dad come home after a shoot with a moustache even these small instances had me completely intrigued and curious about the world of films.

How did you get introduced to the world of startups? How many investments have you done so far?

I stumbled into the world of startups quite by chance. I definitely wanted to back up ideas that aligned with my personal values. I've currently invested in the beauty and cosmetic brand, MyGlamm, with innovation for ease being at the heart of their products, and the luxury furnishing brand BellaCasa, Shunya which brings the age-old goodness of Ayurveda into modern-day life via their FMCG products and the cruelty-free healthcare brand Power Gummies.

How has it added to your learnings as an individual while working with these startups?

This journey has helped me discover how important it is for me to integrate self-love into different aspects of my life, including the businesses I invest in - all these partnerships reflect that.

What makes an investment click for you? What all do you look for while partnering with an entrepreneur as an investor?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm treading the investment and start-up world in a manner that aligns with my personal values. I've been zeroing in on brands that I believe in and am familiar with. As an investor, I'm on the lookout for businesses that help consumers redefine their lifestyles and live better lives.

How involved are you in the product development, marketing, branding, and other growth aspects of the start-ups you invest in?

I try to involve myself as much as possible but at the same time, I let the experts do what they do best. I'm always there to share my thoughts and opinions, however, my partners and their fabulous teams do the heavy lifting and I completely trust their judgement and decisions. It's always about the team, whether in films or in business.

Any learnings while working in the D2C beauty space?

I see consumers making a conscious shift to toxic-free formulations – They definitely have higher expectations from their beauty brands. While they do hope for results, they prioritize transparency and honesty from the brand.

What new segments would you like to invest in?

Health and wellness are something that will always have my support because it aligns with my beliefs. But 'the world has gone digital and I'd love to explore a business in the digital ecosystem that caters to young India.

Do you relate yourself to an entrepreneur who takes calculated risks, which at times are insane but are only known to her? What are your strongest traits/practices that help you achieve your targets?

Taking calculated risks is the safest bet for an investor. However, sometimes one may really be excited about an investment that may not be completely fruitful. But either way, it's a learning curve and I'm relatively new to this. My strongest trait is that I'm able to walk the fine line between what I believe in and what shows potential – I follow my gut, but I'm not impulsive and do my homework before getting into a partnership.

If Shraddha Kapoor had been an entrepreneur what business would she choose and why?

Probably something that empowers women and young girls – and something within the digital space that would have a wider reach.

How different is the reel Shraddha from the real Shraddha?

The 'Reel Shraddha' is of course playing a character – I do share a few similar traits from the various characters I've played in my films, but that's not how I completely am. As actors, we live different lives onscreen, but behind the camera I'm just a girl following my dream, working hard, and living life.

What defines your choice of films and the choices you make in life? How do you make sure that your work leaves an everlasting impact?

I follow my heart, work hard, and hope that the outcome is well received. Whether in life or with my films, I'm always going with what I personally believe in or with something that excites me or challenges me. I can give it my best shot but ultimately everything has its destiny.

When you are not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I actually watch a lot of documentaries and informative videos on different subjects. I'm trying to make the time to read more. Music has always been a passion so I enjoy playing my keyboard and practicing some singing. Most importantly, I prioritize spending time with family because that is extremely precious and whenever I get the chance to, I like traveling and discovering places and cultures.

Photographs by: Dabboo Ratnani

Shot at: Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Makeup by: Shraddha Naik

Hair by: Nikita Menon

Styled by: Namrata Deepak

(This article was first published in the September 2022 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. To subscribe, click here)

Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur India

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