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What Is Isha Ambani's Entrepreneurial Nirvana ? 11 entrepreneurship gems from the gen next business star

By Shrabona Ghosh

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Entrepreneur Isha Ambani, director of Jio and Reliance Retail, lives by the word entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Vani Kola, the venture capitalist, has called her a very ambitious yet grounded woman.

Isha Ambani bares her heart on her journey of entrepreneurship and how she navigates and learns through tough times.Sharing her insights into entrepreneurship, she delved deeper into the qualities that make a good entrepreneur, on the sidelines of TiECON.

Be an Eager Learner

The keenness to learn something new everyday is at the heart of entrepreneurship. "It doesn't matter where you got educated, It doesn't matter how far you went, but as long as you have keenness to learn something new every single day, you will do better as an entrepreneur," said Ambani.

Discipline & Passion

One should believe in dreams and back it up with discipline and passion.Confidence is the key to success. "Don't get bothered by what other people are saying. You don't need validation of others. Believe in your dream and start working towards it passionately. At the end of the day, we have one life and we have to live it for ourselves and be authentic about it."

Self Learning

It is an imperative part of being an entrepreneur. "An entrepreneur might have an idea which they know nothing about, but will eventually work it out by self learning. I really am a student at heart, learning everything as it comes."

Risk Takers & Go-Getters

Entrepreneurs are risk takers and go-getters. "I think encouraging people to take risks is important. This entire notion of having courage, taking risks and not being afraid of failure, is not an easy thing to do. However, entrepreneurs manage to master it."

Focus On Execution

An entrepreneur has the ability to look beyond an idea and focus on the execution. "They put the idea above everything else. I think there are many great ideas and ideas are no one's monopoly. Entrepreneurs get it right and execute properly."

Maintaining Balance

Entrepreneurs should be grounded. "I do not get bogged down by failures, nor do I get too excited by success. There should be a balance."

Everyday Is a New Day

Everyday one gets to learn different things and that is exciting for an entrepreneur. "I think every day is a new day and I like to do different things. That is one of the greatest excitements of the type of work I do. I think no two days are alike, and every single day there are new challenges, it keeps me on my toes."

Making Connections

As an entrepreneur, making connections is very important. "Going to work every day and seeing everyone progress together is part of growth. Being invested in each other's progress makes me excited about work and is something that I look forward to when I wake up."

Bigger Visions

Working towards homegrown brands and converting them into world class companies. "It is always thrilling to see Indian companies as one amongst the best in the world. We should work towards this bigger vision."

Women Empowerment

Women representation matters. "Women representation in organizations is very important. Having equal opportunities and setting inspirational examples with women leaders adds volume to a company's growth."

Learning From Family

Your family gives you life lessons. Look around and try to learn. "I have seen my father and his colleagues in action. No school or business schools I have been to, taught me as much as I learnt from being a part of their meetings. That's exhilarating."

Shrabona Ghosh


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