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Equipped For Growth Through Sasfin's Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance solutions, business owners can access capital for equipment that is often difficult to finance on flexible payment terms, freeing up working capital.

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It's a situation most business owners are familiar with: Your business is growing, contracts are coming in and you need to purchase new equipment to service your burgeoning workload, but you have limited working capital and it's needed to purchase raw materials, pay salaries and settle creditors.

So, what are your options, particularly if you're focused on growth? "We have financed equipment for numerous clients where we have structured the repayments and deal to suit each client's cash flow requirements," says Linda Fröhlich, Executive Director of Sasfin Bank, about Sasfin's Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance.

"By utilising our facilities, our clients are able to structure their deals in such a way that they keep their working capital in the bank, and only start servicing repayments once additional revenue has been earned from the purchased equipment.

"As most entrepreneurs know, cash is king. The ability to keep cash balances healthy is paramount, particularly if your goal is growth. Our Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance works to enhance the working capital cycle and allows businesses the freedom to use their existing capital to maximise growth."

Tailored solutions

According to Linda, Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance gives business owners the ability to finance the purchase of movable assets through financial leases, instalment sales and rental agreements from one or multiple supply sources for periods of between 12 and 60 months.

"There is no "one-size-fits-all' approach when it comes to Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance," she says. "The structure of the deal is very dependent on the equipment required for the entrepreneur's nature of business. We need to understand our clients' businesses, their needs, working capital cycles and whether the equipment in question will add to their bottom line. Our focus is to facilitate growth by matching the correct financing vehicles with each business owner's needs."

How does it work?

Sasfin employs a dedicated team of experienced individuals who have in-depth knowledge of industry-specific equipment. These capabilities mean that Sasfin is able to tailor-make unique financial solutions that include the ability to finance the importing, freight forwarding, clearing and delivery of equipment nationwide. Equipment or machinery can be new or used, because the extension of credit is dependent on the life expectancy of the purchase.

What can be financed?

Sasfin's Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance focuses on financing equipment that is often difficult to finance through other commercial institutions and provides flexible payment terms for core equipment to suit the cash flow requirements of businesses. This could be equipment for material handling, manufacturing, renewable energy, construction, earth-moving, plastics, packaging, printing and more.


Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance

  1. Cash flow that would otherwise be locked into the life of the equipment is freed up.
  2. Working capital remains intact as deposits are negotiable.
  3. Customised financial solutions meet the unique needs of each business.
  4. Businesses can acquire equipment with little or no initial capital outlay, deposits or escalating costs.
  5. Finance options are flexible enough to benefit any kind of business.


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Sasfin is a bank-controlling company that provides a comprehensive range of specialist financial products and services for Business and Wealth clients. Our financial products and services focus on the needs of entrepreneurs, corporates, institutions, and high-net worth individuals. Sasfin is “beyond a bank” in that we go beyond the traditional expectations of the financial services industry and strive to deliver solutions with exceptional personalised service. We challenge ourselves to create tailor-made products and solutions that suit our clients’ needs – whether they are entrepreneurs or investors.
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