The Africa Secretarial and Office Administrators Summit 2019 To Take Place in June

Africa Secretarial & Office Administrators Summit 2019 will provide you with key tools, strategies and steps to become an impact-driven professional.

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More businesses today operate in environments that are far more complex and competitive than at any time in history, markets increasingly interconnected, businesses have less borders, and technology continually disrupts business models.


While these waves of advancements have led to increased prosperity, productivity, this does not mean that these transitions were free of risk or difficulty. These intense and dynamic shifts have forced businesses to revisit on employee roles, particularly that of administrative personnel which according to some reports is the one threatened by redundancy.

While the implications of the disruptions are far-reaching, even daunting, rapid adjustment to the new reality and its opportunities is possible. However the administrative profession is still marred by converging personal and professional challenges.

Savvy and forward-thinking companies have taken innovative approaches to address these challenges to unleash the potential of talented professionals through improved key performance areas, radical transformation, realigning corporate culture, reclassifying roles, clear progression paths and competitive remuneration.

Many would laud the progress however their cheer is tempered with caution indicating that the current picture still does not define or match acceptable and universal standards.

Early adopters still rely on the udge approach

Yet even with this progress by early adopters, a number of administrative professionals are still relying on the nudge approach. Struggling to find right tools for a greater degree of collaboration, stuck on reactive, task based, non-questioning and subservient environment and furthermore grappling with challenging questions, what are the macro trends shaping how the profession evolves?

Will our imperfections and lack of coherence, in both inner and outer shifts remain relevant to both the organisations and the profession? How do the trends impact the future of our work? How do we remain agile?

To address these critical questions Basitsana Training Consultants is fortunate to have gathered leaders and pioneers that have conquered obstacles, overcome adversity, and inspired success who will explore the unprecedented questions, questions and challenges on how administrative professionals can move forward with great confidence and resolve.

Through provocative, journalist led plenary discussions, intimate interactive and networking session; the Africa Secretarial & Office Administrators Summit 2019 is designed to provide an unparalleled experience for administrative profession.

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