6 Ways to Change Your Environment to Be More Inspiring Sometimes to get out of a rut, entrepreneurs must look beyond their internal voice of intuition to get motivated.

By Te-Erika Patterson

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Entrepreneurs attempting to break through a barrier in business must learn to be movers and shakers in all areas of life, including their physical surroundings. In addition to the voice of intuition, inspiration can be provoked by an outside stimulus including a change of scenery, additional decorations and new viewpoints, to name just a few.

Here are six ways you can change your environment to set your business on a new course.

1. Redecorate your space

If pastel yellow walls helped you land your first 20 clients, imagine how Carolina blue walls might propel your business? Do not underestimate the refreshing feeling of walking into a newly transformed space.

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According to Nikki Klugh of the Nikki Klugh Design Group, changes in wall color, furniture and ambience will evoke new ideas and push you to a new level of thinking.

2. Change to a co-working office

For the first two and a half years, the team at RiteTag, a service that helps to identify hashtags for your social media and marketing efforts, all worked from their homes in cities across the globe including America, the Czech Republic, France and Japan. In order to grow their businesses, they purchased incubation space in Prague where two of their lead team members were able to work together on a daily basis.

"The guys' creativity feeds off each other and they also feel motivated by seeing others work as diligently as any one of them are," said Saul Fleischman, RiteTag's CEO.

By gathering in a co-working space, which not only gathers your team but other companies' teams, it can invoke inspiration from employees.

3. Move to a new city

When Elizabeth An first moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago she was a single mom who had a successful restaurant concept in San Francisco but she had no clue if she could duplicate the success she had already built. Instead of shying away from the challenge, An brought her entire family to Los Angeles and fought through every challenge she faced, ultimately becoming the steward of The Crustacean, one of the most popular restaurants in Beverly Hills.

"We found that Los Angeles was a city that welcomes new ideas and businesses because people in Los Angeles are always looking for the next new thing," An shared. "Moving to Los Angeles was our next level in business and if we had not done it, we would not be where we are today."

For entrepreneurs looking for fresh ideas, it may take more than just moving to a new office space – they may need to pack up and move to an entire new location.

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4. Bring in new team members

Two brilliant minds can set your business on track for success but three brilliant minds might change the world. If your business is doing well with an intimate team, consider expanding it by adding in someone who processes the world differently than you do. There may be a bit of a shock to the system of your business at first, but the buzz of a high-powered brain might inspire your team to skyrocket in a new direction.

5. Walk to work

You have been turning the same corners on your way to the same office, driving past the same bus stops and waving at the same valet workers for the past five years. It is no wonder you keep coming to the same conclusions that have not helped you to make more significant progress. Get out of your car. Take public transportation. Walk to work. Use your bicycle.

When you dare to shake up your routine, you will find that your brain cells will be rejuvenated and inspired by the new sights, sounds and experiences it will encounter.

6. Think globally

You began this entrepreneurial journey hoping to become the most popular business in town and you have done that through hard work and determination. When you walk down the street people appreciate your presence but now it is time to expand. Enlarge your vision. Think outside the scope of your neighborhood. How can you enrich your services to serve a bigger audience? How can your business help change the world?

When you mentally change your environment by thinking globally, you release all limits to your success.

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Te-Erika Patterson

Journalist, Multimedia Content Producer and the Creator of The Rebuild Your Life Project

Los Angeles-based Te-Erika Patterson is a journalist, multimedia content producer and the creator of The Rebuild Your Life Project on MySavvySisters.Com, an empowerment blog for women. She also runs Moving To LA TODAY, a relocation assistance company.

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