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7 Must-Know Public Relations Strategies for 2022 The rapid changes the world has been going through make PR more challenging than ever before.

By Aidan Sowa

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As we know all too well, change is inevitable. However, the changes the world has been going through lately make PR more challenging than ever before. In addition, digital media trends are ever-changing, so crafting a solid PR strategy is all the more daunting for those without a proper plan for the future.

Luckily for you, I've gathered several principles to hold onto when crafting your PR strategy for 2022.

Before we dissect the most critical of those, make sure you remember these two golden rules:

  1. Media is harder and harder to win over - There are many more boxes to check to get your story published in the media. Today's media outlets want more than just your name on a byline. To get their attention, you need to prove your expertise in the industry. Your business experts need to know how to make your company shine and while doing so, sound like a true expert.

  2. Both users and algorithms operate in "hard to get" mode - Be very aware of this undeniable fact when crafting content. People and algorithms are raising the bar constantly, which means you must find a way to resonate more with users. Additionally, optimize your website and content for search and social media. And not only that, ensure your PR team is always on the lookout for trends changes.

Now that you know the golden rules, let's dive into public relations trends for 2022 to help you craft a killer future-proof PR strategy.

1. Quality content is king

PR professionals will have to come out of their traditional shells and take on some new responsibilities in the future. For example, alongside maintaining media relationships and shooting out classic PR content, professionals will partner with them in content creation. While doing that, it's essential to ensure the added value to your content. The simple truth is, journalists will always use a great story. Help them find one.

2. Influencer PR is a powerful PR

Social media is a potent marketing weapon, and it seems it will stay that way for a long time. In fact, over half of this planet's population uses some of the most popular social media platforms, according to Statista.

Naturally, influencer PR is on the rise also. However, it's not just the biggest ones with millions of followers. Micro-influencers are powerful all the same, especially in niche markets with smaller followings.

Their main objective is engagement, and they do it exceptionally. Sometimes they even do it much better than mega-stars, which only proves that quality beats quantity when it comes to ROI on social media.

However annoying some may find them, influencers are all around, and they're not going away anytime soon. They help build brand awareness because they are authentic and relatable.

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3. Custom-made social media promotion is a must

It's not enough to just post your content on social media. Instead, PR professionals should craft custom messages according to their target audience's values. For that, you need insights into their needs and expectations. Therefore, you should integrate PR with social media, brand consultation and digital marketing when creating an impactful social strategy.

4. Inclusivity is non-negotiable

Did you know that people nowadays expect brands to take a stand on public issues? Sprouts Social found in their survey that 70 percent of consumers expect much more than a mere "no comment" regarding critical social topics.

Forget about stereotypes and make room for diversity in your PR strategy for 2022. Inclusivity is critical, so base your future public relations campaigns on various races, sexualities, genders, disabilities, belief structures, cultures and ages.

McKinsey published a study showing that companies embracing diversity have a 19 percent increase in revenue and a 35 percent performance advantage. That said, avoid "woke-washing." No advertising ploys in social activism, please.

5. Make it personal

The truth is, humans are all unique, but they share one intrinsic trait: They love to feel special. Therefore, personalization is the key to crafting a bullet-proof PR strategy for 2022. Whether you give pitches, send press releases or host events, everything should have a personal touch.

Make sure you find that critical component when crafting content, campaigns and communication on social media platforms. And choose your words wisely.

The same goes for media relations. Instead of generic email pitches, cut through the noise.

6. Cross-promotion is the next big thing

This is one of the sure-fire ways to gain massive visibility and grab some of the attention of a new audience.

Cross-promotion is essentially distributing content through multiple channels to a broader audience. One of the most popular ways cross-promotion occurs is through guest blogging and podcasting.

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7. Data is the necessary driver of innovation

Public relations are invaluable for brands. However, the success of a PR team is still very measurable. And that data is, once again, priceless. How so?

Well, PR is responsible for telling your brand's story. However, that story should be data-backed and analyzed to improve your media communication efforts.

Once you can see the data, you can start thinking of new ideas for compelling stories. That's where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes to play. Learn to improve your SEO, and you'll gain much more publicity for your content.

The bottom line

Back to the word of the day — change. Remember, it's what drives the game for businesses in 2022 and probably the future to come. Craft your messages carefully; make them personal, relatable, valuable and meaningful. Make sure your social media style is flexible and honest.

Use the steps mentioned above, and you could be on top of the PR game in the new year.

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CEO at Sowa Marketing Agency.

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