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Chris Brogan on Cultivating Visibility The popular blogger shares tips to make marketing more of a flow than an interruption.

By Chris Brogan

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Chris BroganMarketing is often an interruption. What if you make it more of a flow?

As business owners and entrepreneurs, there's this awkwardness to our efforts to communicate. Sometimes we make the mistake of bugging people only when we need something. Other times we interrupt people and try to push our way into their attention because we haven't yet earned the visibility any other way. And sometimes we forget to talk to people during those in-between times--times when we don't need anything, but when it would be nice to acknowledge that we know the other person is out there somewhere.

To me, there's an alternative. If you want to save your seat at the table for the next time your prospect or customer needs you, consider doing more with content and communication online. Let's look at how we might cultivate visibility for you in between "asks."

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