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Should You Have a Book Ghostwritten?

Even if you are not a linguist at heart, with a good ghostwriter, you can create your own book that helps your authority in your field!

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Would you believe me if I told you I just attended New York Fashion Week? If you are someone who celebrates fashion, you might know that Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in the industry. I was honored to be personally invited to participate in one of the shows.

But you're probably thinking, how did this happen to someone like me who is decidedly not in the fashion industry? It happened because of a book. My company wrote a book for one of the designers, and she was generous enough to let me see her collection launch during the infamous event.

In the current age, more and more entrepreneurs are jumping into the literary space to gain authority in their field. I have heard it said that entrepreneurs having their own books is like having a really good business card. But is everyone good at making business cards?

Not everyone is a writer. Some might not enjoy the act, don't feel they have the skills or don't have the time needed to create a book. Plus, writing is hard. But it can be much more manageable if you have someone who knows what they're doing. They can guide you along the process, working with you to create your book while saving you time. Enter the "ghostwriter."

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A common misconception

People hear the word 'ghostwriter' and get weary that the book is untrue. But just because something is "ghostwritten" doesn't mean the ideas aren't from the author (in this case, the client or the person whose name is on the book).

Authors play a huge role in writing the book! They'll discuss their ideas with the writer, provide feedback on drafts and even edit the ideas in the book. With ghostwriting, someone else puts those ideas into coherent, eloquent words, but the author gets the credit because they brought the book to life. It becomes a helpful tool devised through an equitable partnership. This is why working with a trusted professional will give you the best results.

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Save time

As I mentioned, another benefit of hiring a ghostwriter is saving time in the writing process. Writing a book is nothing if not time-consuming and having a ghostwriter by your side makes life much easier. If you are an entrepreneur, you're most likely busy balancing your personal and professional life while trying to earn the best results for your clients. This is no easy task, but the best leaders know that they cannot do everything themselves.

Did somebody say delegation? Having someone who helps you out is okay, especially if that individual understands your goals. Reaching out to someone like a ghostwriter doesn't make you fraudulent or a bad business person; it just makes you a person who is willing to ask for help, which is an admirable quality if you ask me.

How do ghostwriting services work?

While every ghostwriter may have a slightly different process, typically, it starts with a discovery interview where they ask what you want to write about. Here the writer will gauge if you have any topics that you want to be implemented. This is a great time to lay out those ideas that have been brewing inside your head. This way, the writer can already start piecing together what the actual text of your book might look like.

Usually, ghostwriters will then take your input and put it into words that foster connection and empathy from your audience. Ghostwriting is an intimate process so expect the call to get personal at points, especially if it is a nonfiction book and even more so if it's biographical. You must feel comfortable with your ghostwriter so that you and your work don't suffer in creating your book.

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After the preliminary call is done, the ghostwriters get to work. Once they have the first draft done, they will typically send it to you, encouraging you to make any edits you deem appropriate. Remember, this is your book! So this is an excellent time to clear up any misunderstandings or bumps in the manuscript.

Even if you are not a linguist at heart, you can create your own book with a good ghostwriter by your side. When you start to promote your books (especially if it centers around you and your field of business), others will see you as an authority. Books are a great way to prove your knowledge in your field, allow your customers to get to know you better, and allow you to flex those creative muscles.

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