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Creative Father's Day Gifts for the Best Dad Ever Father's Day is June 18, which is just around the corner. It's a day families can come together and celebrate not only all the dads but also all fathers. The...

By Matt Rowe

This story originally appeared on Calendar

Father's Day is June 18, which is just around the corner. It's a day families can come together and celebrate not only all the dads but also all fathers. The holiday doesn't discriminate, even if you've lost your father or grandfather. Whoever is a great male role model in your life can be honored on this day.

The big question, however, is, what do you get for your father or father-figure? This holiday is associated with gift-giving, and sometimes it's hard to develop ideas. If you like to do something creative, brainstorming potential gifts can be especially difficult. Lucky for you, this list is designed to give you all sorts of ideas to give a creative present for Father's Day.

Something Cozy

Your dad might not be into plush pillows and fuzzy blankets. But some comfy-cozy items out there still seem "manly.' Show him he doesn't need to sacrifice his masculinity to put his feet up. Besides, everyone enjoys feeling comfortable.


Even if your dad is very on-the-go or likes to stay busy, everyone should enjoy lounging. It's always nice to be able to relax around the house in some comfy clothes. And if your father works a lot, he'll especially appreciate something that will help him decompress at the end of the day.

Robes are a great choice for loungewear. They can be slipped on over your clothes, providing an extra layer of comfort and warmth. You can find them in varying kinds of fabric, from plush to satin to flannel. Or, try some high-end sweatpants or pajama pants. These are easy to slip on and will have a relaxed feel.

Monogrammed Pajamas

Few things feel fancier than personalized pajama sets. There's a reason these are associated with the millionaires in movies. Anything monogrammed has an air of luxury. So, why not give your father a taste of the golden life with his initials on some comfy PJs?

You don't have to get satin pajamas if that's not what he's into. Those sets are the kind stereotypically seen in movies. However, you can get anything from flannels to t-shirts embroidered with his name or initials.


On the topic of loungewear, there's not much out there that tops have comfy footwear. Slippers are another one of humanity's great inventions. They keep your feet warm and cozy while being designated for only indoor use. That means you won't track in anything gross from the outside, yet still have something extra on your feet.

When it comes to giving slippers as a gift, make sure you indulge the recipient. Don't get just any regular slippers; get that man some memory foam! Your father's feet will sink into the plush shoes, and he'll sigh with contentment.

Something Tasty

To get a little stereotypical, men tend to have a special love for food. Even if your father isn't necessarily a "foodie,' who doesn't like to eat? The trick is to cater the food-themed gift to his particular tastes.

Food Basket

A gift basket stocked with all his favorite goodies will surely be a hit. You can find many pre-made baskets at shops or online, but making one yourself adds a level of personalization. Plus, you can be sure it will have everything he likes.

Does he enjoy salty snacks? Fill the basket up with pretzels, chex-mix, nuts, or popcorn. Maybe he has more of a sweet tooth. Swap the salt for sugar with some peanut butter cups, caramels, or his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Not much of a conventional snacker? Try putting together a meat and cheese basket. Smoked sausages, cheeses, and mustard spreads will appeal even to the most refined palates. Maybe he enjoys grilling or barbequing? Arrange a basket full of different kinds of rubs and sauces for him to try out.

Personalized Gift Certificate

Sure, you could always get your dad a gift card to his favorite restaurant, but where's the creativity in that? Instead of getting him a regular gift card, make one yourself. Draft up a "one free meal' coupon or certificate for one of his favored dining spots. And make sure to get creative with it! Add some art and design, jazzing it up as much as you want.

This crafty gift might remind him of his childhood when homemade gifts were more prevalent. It's always acceptable to get sentimental on these kinds of holidays, so go right ahead. And make sure you put some of your special touch into it. Remember, made with love is the best kind of manufacturing.

Something for His Interests

Another great way to put together a Father's Day gift is to play it off what he likes to do. What are his hobbies and interests? Is he crafty, sporty, or outdoorsy? As mentioned before, personalization is what makes a great present.

A Fascinating Read

Is your dad a big reader? Luckily, there's a never-ending variety of books out there, with more published daily. That means you'll never run out of new reading material, nor will your father. Indulge his passion for prose by getting him a new book this Father's Day.

Base your pick on what you already know about his favorite reads. Is he a fan of mysteries, biographies, or maybe political commentaries? Perhaps he loves a good historical research book — there are always new discoveries about the past. Try to select a story that you think will pique his interest.


Is your father figure a big fan of live events? For these guys, giving the gift of tickets to shows or games is always a fantastic idea. You'll surely win with this one, even if his team doesn't. Moreover, sometimes the gift of an experience can be more meaningful to some.

For the sporty men, try to get tickets for one of their favorite teams. Baseball, soccer, hockey, you name it. Whatever he's into, he'll be sure to enjoy sitting in the stands. If he's more musically inclined, try to snag seats for one of his favorite bands. Many classic rock bands are going on tour these days, meaning you can still appease a lover of the "oldies.'

Personalized Gear

Just like monogrammed pajamas, you can get almost anything personalized these days. Therefore, why not get Dad some customized gear to support what he loves to do? If he spends lots of time at the golf range, get him a bag with his name on it for his clubs. For the sports fans, try their favorite team's jersey with his name on the back. If he likes to paint, try engraving paintbrushes with his initials.

Something Practical

Of course, there are always those men out there who enjoy receiving gifts that can be put to good use. If your father figure falls under that category, make sure you cater his present toward that. Take it one step further and try to think a little outside the box.

A Squeaky Clean Car

You've probably heard the saying that boys' rooms are messy, but their cars are super clean. While this definitely doesn't always apply, for some men, it's certainly true. If your dad is one of these guys, help him keep his car clean without him having to do the work.

Many car wash service stations offer subscription packages now. A subscriber can receive a certain number of car washes in these packages per month or year. There are sometimes different levels of subscriptions, too, varying from basic to deep cleanings. Whatever the level of cleanliness, having someone doing it for him can take a load off your father's plate.

Personalized Tool Kit

Almost every Father's Day, commercials light up the television, advertising sales on tools, lawnmowers, and car parts. It's true that these items are stereotypically masculine and are often labeled as the dad's job. If this fits your dad, giving him such things would only be fitting.

However, following the theme of personalization, why not take this stereotypical present a step up? Tool kits or tool bags with monogrammed initials or a last name will make a snazzy ensemble. That level of customization will show you put thought into the gift, even if it is a common Father's Day present.

Cater to His Interests

Regarding gift-giving, the best idea is to find something the receiver wants. You might think a present is cool but try to think if the one getting the present would also think it's cool. In this case, it's all about the other person.

Additionally, personalization never fails as a gift strategy. It shows lots of thought and sentiment for the person. This is an especially great idea for a holiday present for Father's Day. Following this scheme will truly show just how much you appreciate your father figure. And make sure you spend some time with the model man in your life this Father's Day, too. Sometimes the greatest gift of all is just being with someone.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Ron Lach; Pexels; Thank you!

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