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Use This Secret Customer Service Technique to Boost Your Customer Retention and Loyalty

Get ready for your reviews to go through the roofs, your customer loyalty to respond likewise, and your cash registers to start ringing like they've never done before.

Starting a Business

This Texas Mom's Pumpkin Porch Displays — Which Can Cost More Than $8,000 — Are Already Sold Out, Thanks to One Very Strategic Move

The designs at the Dallas Arboretum inspired Heather Torres to get creative — then she saw a prime business opportunity.


Jimmy Rex Shares His 3 Principles for Doing Good and Finding Success

On this episode of "The Jeff Fenster Show," guest Jimmy Rex discusses his inspiring journey and the principles that have guided his vast track record of success.

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Is the Customer Always Right? How to Understand Customer-Centric Thinking to Drive Engagement

"The customer is always right" is not just a rule anymore; it's about exploring why customers want what they want.


The Ridiculously Easy Guide to Internal Customer Service Training

Eight internal customer service training insights you can put to use at your company today.


He Went From Zero to Over $100 Million in Net Worth — and Adopting This '9-Figure' Mindset Made It Possible

Brandon Dawson, co-founder and CEO at Cardone Ventures, learned a lot from the loss of his first company.


Peyton Manning Shares the 'Embarrassing' Locker Room Moment That Transformed His Leadership Style

The former quarterback's first college huddle taught him a valuable lesson.

Science & Technology

3 Practical Ways to Let Artificial Intelligence Work for You

Rather than redesign their business' entire approach just to meet AI somewhere along the horizon, leaders can instead take a more practical route and ask how AI can improve their current strategy.


Need to Supercharge Innovation at Your Company? Try This.

We tried everything from hackathons to Google's "20% time." Here's why we landed on "Blue Sky Week" as the biggest innovation payoff.

Science & Technology

The Barriers and Opportunities for Generative AI in Corporate Workplaces

Corporations are understandably wary of AI tools like ChatGPT, but it's possible to implement them successfully and safely.

Latest News

Don't Be Afraid Of AI — Your Fears Are Unfounded, and Here's Why

Invest in AI-related skills and knowledge to remain relevant in an AI-driven world.


Why Writing a Book is the Next Crucial Step to Becoming a Successful Leader and Entrepreneur

Books offer business leaders a unique platform to establish authority, share insights and leave a legacy. Beyond branding, they foster introspection, magnify mentorship and enhance global reach.

Growing a Business

How to Turn Every Adversity You Face into an Advantage

Every setback presents an opportunity for growth. Life is a series of unpredictable twists, a fact that entrepreneurs understand all too well.


AI Is Making Market Insights Accessible to Businesses of Any Size — Not Just the Big Names. Here's How You Can Use It.

Unbiased AI algorithms can now analyze online chatter and discover emerging product trends before they go mainstream, providing valuable insights for entrepreneurs.