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How This Film Tech Company Is Transforming the Way You Will Watch the Next 'Squid Game'

An insatiable desire for great content from audience members is driving innovation at Adapt Entertainment.

Darryl C. Marks

Can Blockchain Help Fix Broken Supply Chains in 2022?

Blockchain in Supply Chain was a hot topic - then fell very quiet. Where is it today?

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4 Ways to Drive Growth-Unlocking Internal Innovation in Your Organization

Internal innovation is key to building a growth-enabled company. Here are four steps that must be taken to achieve that.

The 3 Most Common Excuses for a Lack of Innovation – and How You Can Conquer Them

Below are three everyday excuses you may hear in your own organisation that may make your hairs stand on end, and set alarm-bells ringing. Included are some tips on how you can make excuses a thing of the past, while creating real innovation for the future.

Jonathan Løw

7 Traits and Skills of Next Generation Leaders

Grasping these seven concepts requires consciousness and practice.

Nathalie Virem

The CEO of GoDaddy's Secret to Creating a Culture of Experimentation

You can't just encourage people to try things nilly-willy, says Aman Bhutani. Effective experimentation requires a system.

Jason Feifer

Making Time to Be 'Useless' Is a Vital Part of Creating Anything Valuable

Many of the inventions that changed our world were useless for a long time.

Jason Feifer