'Shark Tank' Star Rohan Oza Says You Must Have This Quality as an Entrepreneur Sometimes your connection with people gets you further than your actual business idea.

By Julie 'Juju' Christopher

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Everyone thinks success is about charisma, sex appeal and knowing the right people, but what if it had more to do with your energy and how well your "it" factor gets people's attention? According to recurring Shark Tank shark Rohan Oza, there is some truth to this.

Oza is the mastermind behind some of the most iconic brands in the consumer space today. Dubbed "Hollywood's Brandfather" by the Hollywood Reporter, Oza is a global pioneer in celebrity equity deals and is known for transforming groundbreaking consumer products into household names.

"It is about connection," Oza says. "You've got to be able to connect with people as an entrepreneur. If you get on Shark Tank, some people come on and their product might be mediocre, but they connect so well with the sharks that they get a bid. And sometimes we have people come on who actually have a good product, but cannot connect, and the sharks bail... So whatever you want to call it, the connection to people — whether its energy, personality, vibe — it's all about connecting. If you connect with people, they will follow you, and if they follow you then you will succeed."

Going strong

In the midst of its 12th season, Shark Tank is proving that entrepreneurs are the new "rockstars" of this era. The show continues to grow the longer it stays on the air and has generated an almost cult-like following.

If you've made it in the Tank, you're the real deal — this is the real, almost palpable energy that surrounds the show. Each season, more than 35,000 people apply to be contenders on the show for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch to the sharks.

If you think that number is impressive, check out these:

  • 222 episodes
  • 499 deals
  • 895 pitches
  • $143 million invested

My Biztuition, AKA "business intuition," tells me that Shark Tank will continue to be a massive success because the world of business as we know it is changing every day. Leaders are becoming more conscious of their impact in design, products, partnerships and sustainability.

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Connectivity in a different light

Fortunately, I had the amazing opportunity to interview the sharks, and what I really wanted to know from them was how they knew, seemingly instantaneously, if they would invest — or not.

This is the unseen world of business, where investors are relying heavily on their intuition, experience, and yes — whether or not they feel a connection to the person or product/service, or perhaps even both. During a conversation with Matt Higgins, shark and vice chairman of the Miami Dolphins, he said "Success in business always begins and ends with the person."

Putting all of this into action

In my business intuition workshops, I lead attendees in an activity where we identify when they are feeling their intuition or reacting to fear. Being able to discern between the two is so valuable because this allows us to focus more on the connection and the decisions at hand.

Strong leaders make better decisions, faster — just like the sharks.

Imagine trusting your intuition and connectivity so much that you become known for saying, "You're dead to me!" Mr. Wonderful, also known as shark Kevin O'Leary, knows from the moment he sees someone enter the tank whether they'll be chewed up by the sharks (him, especially) or not.

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One final thought

Connectivity is the foundation for all of the other people skills that benefit us in business: relatability, empathy, communication and teamwork. Connectivity is also the foundation for our decision-making, our intuitive abilities, and how well we do in business overall.

Like the sharks say, either you've got it or you don't.

Julie 'Juju' Christopher

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer

CEO of Biztuition

Julie Christopher, known as Juju, is the founder and creator of Biztuition. Juju is a professional ‘EnterTrainer’ (speaker/music artist and composer/self-realization guide) and award-winning author. She is a world-renowned expert on business intuition.

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