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6 Tips to Land Your Remote Dream Job Quality and quantity is the key to success.

By Mike Swigunski

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If you are currently on a remote job search and making a transition to the online workforce, you may have discovered that this is not an easy transition. This is not just true for those who are switching their job search to online, either. With the right techniques and level of effort, though, you can make this transition to online work a lot more streamlined.

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1. Go for a mix of quality and quantity

In an ideal world, you would only have to apply for one job during your remote job search. If this were the case, the whole job search process and transition to online work would be a breeze! The reality, though, is that this is simply implausible. Otherwise, you might not even be reading this in the first place.

This isn't to say that applications should be avoided, though. You need to find the right blend of quality and quantity. At the same time, you need to be putting a lot of effort into your applications and overall job search process. This is what separates those who are successful in their job search from those who are not.

2. Fit your resume to the job

One of the common mistakes we see when people are starting their remote job search is that they use a template cover letter and the same resume for each of application. Although this may save you a lot of time while applying for jobs, it also comes at a heavy cost. Employers are savvy and will often realize that you sent a form resume.

For example, say that you are applying for a job as an SEO manager after previously using the same application for a content writer position. The wording that you put into your application will often give away who you are talking to. You should not view potential employers as robots that are simply looking to see a couple of blocks of text. They will read what you write before they respond to your application. You should have a few versions of your resume and update it for each application.

It's also essential to make sure your resume is optimized for the applicant tracking system (ATS). If your resume doesn't have similar keywords that are found in the job description, then your resume will most likely never even be considered.

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3. Tailor past results to the present opening

If you put in the effort for each application and write a personalized cover letter and update your resume to contain information relevant to each job application, you will likely spend a lot less time with your job search. It is tempting to copy and paste the same information for each application, but avoid doing this.

Put in the time to make each application stand apart from the other applications. If the employer gets the feeling that you are sincere and trustworthy from the get-go, you will likely get a response.

It's crucial to relate your previous work results to what the employer is looking for in the role.

4. Stay consistent

Even if you are on-point for all of your applications and are doing everything right, remember that others will be in the same shoes as you. The reality of the remote job search is that there are lots of highly-qualified and hard-working people competing with you for each job.

For this reason, just keep at it. If you have time to do ten applications a day, do it routinely until you finally land your ideal role.

5. Avoid networking late

Do you have that friend who only reaches out to you when they want something from you? Seasoned professionals know this feeling all too well. Ideally, you need to start your job search without conscious effort. Do this by networking and making friends in the remote industry before you're looking for a job. I like to replace the term "networking" with "relationship building" and this is something you should be doing all the time in your personal and professional life.

The idea here is that you should make genuine contacts, though. Call up your contacts and ask how they are doing, and nothing more. People you have a genuine friendship with are more likely to offer you a job down the road after you are established in the industry of online work.

6. Go above and beyond

When you finally get into the groove of submitting high-quality applications, you need to take it one step further. Connect with people at the company and send an introduction email to the hiring manager. Try to think of ways you can separate yourself from the competition and make sure you are focusing on the value that you will add to the employer.

Is the future of work remote?

As you continue your job search and transition to online work, know that it is normal to experience problems and stress along the way. Don't give up, though, since the future of work is remote. The most important thing you can do is to be persistent and not give up on your remote job search. Once you get your first job, you will be glad that you put in all the effort that you did to be able to work from home.

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Mike Swigunski

Founder of, Author of Global Career Book

Mike Swigunski is the founder of the remote job board and author of the best-selling book Global Career: How to Work Anywhere & Travel Forever. Swigunski has worked in and traveled to more than 85 countries over the past decade and loves writing about remote work and entrepreneurship.

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