These Waterproof, Floating, and Even Bulletproof Backpacks are Made for Adventure

If you've got an extreme streak, you need these backpacks.

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By Entrepreneur Store • May 19, 2021


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Entrepreneurs tend to be thrill-seekers. After all, starting a business and forgoing a guaranteed salary is an adventure in itself. Famous CEOs like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, as well as fictional ones like Tony Stark, have helped normalize the idea of business leaders as badasses. And, well, who's going to argue with them? You're a certified badass, aren't you?

If you're going off the grid this summer for some much-needed vacation time, you need gear to match up with your extreme goals. To hit the trail and go from cliffs to water without harming your things, you'll need the MVB Standard Edition L8 Floating Backpack.

The MVB L8 is an airtight, waterproof backpack that provides flotation while you're in the water, as well as total protection for your valuables, the company says. It has a smooth outer-level zipper that's convenient for packing and unpacking every day and has enough space to fit your camera, notebook, charger, an extra pair of clothes, headlamp, food, or anything else you need for a day of adventure. The airtight inner-level zipper is not only 100 percent waterproof, but it also functions as an anti-theft device as it hides the zipper puller from the upper-level zipper. The patented design delivers a new standard of pressure-resistant and air-tight waterproof ability. The TPU fabric is FDA-grade, eco-friendly, and non-allergic to skin. It's also extremely easy to clean with a simple rinse.

You can also upgrade to the MVB Shield Edition S12 Bulletproof Backpack, made of super-strong Kevlar material to give your belongings even better material. Not that you'll need it, but the company says the Shield offers NIJ IIIA protection level against .44 magnum, semi-jacketed hollow-point bullets, 9mm full-metal jacketed bullets, and most handgun threats, too.

Get a bag that's up to the same challenges you are. The MVB Standard Edition L8 Floating Backpack is 26 percent off $190 at just $139.95 while the MVB Shield Edition S12 Bulletproof Backpack is 26 percent off $320 at just $234.95.

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