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Charge Your Apple Watch Anywhere with This Keychain

Forgot your charger? No worries.

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There are many perks of running your own business, including being able to choose where and when you work. (To an extent, of course.) With remote work here to stay, you may not even have an office space for your employees anymore, either.


That means you'll spend a lot of time working outside of your home, burning the battery on your devices, and being away from outlets for long periods of time. But who wants to carry bulky charges with them everywhere they go? Certainly not you.

You can drop the need for one charger, at least, with the sleek Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain, which clips on easily to your keychain or backpack.

This innovative charger keychain ensures you won't have to carry your Apple Watch charger with you by using a microcomputer electronic system for touch-sensitive charging. Just attach your Apple Watch to the magnetic center ring and your watch will start to charge automatically. You can adjust the angle freely without breaking the magnetic attachment and, with a 950mAh battery, there's enough power for multiple charges on any Apple Watch series.

Whether you keep it on your keychain, on a backpack, or in your pocket, the portable charger is easy to break out anywhere and gives you a boost of power whenever you need it. Likewise, it's easy to store when you're commuting or exercising, and you can even charge the keychain itself while you're charging your Apple Watch. It's a seamless way to ensure you always have the power you need in your Apple Watch.

Don't risk losing power when you're out and about working all day. Right now, you can get the Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain for 59% off $49 at just $19.99 for a limited time. You can also get two for 60% off $99 at just $38.99, or get four for 61 percent off $199 at just $76.99.

Prices subject to change.

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