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By Amanda C. Kooser

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eBay is always looking for ways to make both buying and selling easier. Here's a rundown of new tools and services.

eBay Stores Markdown Manager
eBay Stores Markdown Manager is a tool developed exclusively for Store owners to help boost sales. Sellers can use the Markdown Manager to temporarily slash the prices of their items and promote the savings to buyers. These sales events can be scheduled and automated for specific listings and categories or applied across all Store Inventory or Fixed-Priced listings.

E-mail Marketing Improvements for eBay Stores
E-mail Marketing is an effective way to keep in touch with buyers and build repeat business. eBay Stores has made improvements that will make creating professional, ongoing e-mail marketing campaigns a simple, three-step process. Turn your satisfied customers into loyal customers.

New Promotion Boxes Feature for eBay Stores
Promotion Boxes are a great way to encourage additional sales by highlighting featured items, encouraging buyers to sign up for e-mail newsletters and more. It's now easier than ever to create powerful Store merchandising through new featured slide shows, item showcases and dynamic auction countdowns. Create Promotion Boxes and provide an alternative way for buyers to browse your Store.

Free Shipping
Free shipping is a great incentive for buyers to bid on an item. Buyers now have a "Free Shipping" filter when they search and browse results. Sellers can take advantage of this extra exposure by inserting "0" for their first flat-rate shipping costs when they post their listings, or by checking the "Free Shipping" box when listing through the "Sell Your Item" form. The filter does take into account the buyer's location, so sellers can apply the option only to domestic shipments if they also sell internationally.

eBay MapIt
eBay MapIt helps buyers and sellers leverage the power of local sales. Buyers can search by distance from their location, and MapIt generates a map showing where items are located. It's a handy tool for sellers who want to sell large, bulky items without having to ship them. It can also have a positive effect for sellers who maintain a physical store or distribution location.

My World
With eBay's My World, members can now showcase their personality by setting up customizable profile pages. They can add a bio and profile image, discuss their interests, display their favorite searches, list their items for sale and even start a blog. Members can also change the layout and make their own reviews and guides. It's a great way to get more involved in the eBay community.

Learn to Use eBay Giving Works
eBay's Education Specialist Program has added a new course that teaches experienced eBay sellers and nonprofits how to use eBay for fundraising or selling for a cause. Sellers will learn how to donate part or all of their sales to select charities, and nonprofits will learn how to leverage eBay to raise money for their organizations.

Skype Buttons
Skype-using sellers can add a Skype voice or chat button to their listings to give customers a quick and easy way to contact them. Sellers can opt in during the "Sell Your Item" process. What's new is that this option is being rolled out to even more categories after the initial test period proved to be a success. New categories range from Motorcycles to Travel to expanded areas of Collectibles.

eBay Pop
Want to know what's hot on eBay? eBay Pop uses a fun interface with colorful content that keeps track of items that are "Movers & Shakers" and how popular items are selling. Keep up on the latest hot items and headlines, cast your vote in the "Head to Head" section and play "How Much Is It Worth?"

eBay Deal Finder
Here's a quick and easy way to find great deals on eBay. Type in your search words, and Deal Finder finds low-priced items that have no bids and whose listings are about to end! The results are displayed in a dynamic layout with countdown clocks.

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