Why Unified Communication Is Essential to Working With Remote, Offshore Teams UCaaS can be implemented in all kinds of businesses from anywhere in the world.

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As we continue to experience constant digital transformation, we realize how diverse technology has become and how much more it can expand. In the last decade, we have successfully moved from working behind desks and on telephones to more flexible models. All you need now is the right device and a cloud connection, and you can easily embrace and explore as many opportunities as possible.

The growth of technology has played a vital role in countless organizations, many of which have experienced a surge in growth and productivity. The Global tech-research firm Gartner reported more than 23 percent growth in the use of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in 2017 and 21 percent in 2018. The same report also shows that users spent nearly $2 million on UCaaS in 2018 and just over $2 million in 2019.

Organizations have been able to make the best of newly invented technology tools by also encouraging offshore-staff leasing. However, communication is vital in any form of teamwork and would be needed even more in offshore staffing. With UCaaS, companies such as Ring Central, Twillo, Telavox and Dialpad have taken the frontier lead in ensuring organizations collaborate effectively with their offshore staff by providing effective unified communication and tracking tools.

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Moreso, as the workplace is evolving into the gig economy, UCaaS will become the greatest form of communication, thus giving room for people to work remotely. While most organizations have started imbibing this culture, some are still on the verge of setting up a company that has all its staff located across different locations around the world. However, the only way to ensure that remote/offshore employees can deliver effectively is by integrating good UcaaS communication tools for seamless reporting.

Understanding How It Works

To ensure an effective communication flow, the staff needs to understand how UCaaS works and how it can be integrated into the company's culture. The environment requires support from UCaaS platforms that allow users to integrate multiple communication services. Offshore staff can then switch between different communication methods. For example, a VoIP over desk phone allows you to take full advantage of features that will dramatically improve your company's communication and customer service, a web-conferencing service that requires audio and VoIP and also needs the instant-messaging feature to communicate in between the conference.

Employers can train their offshore staff on how to effectively use UCaaS for the growth of the organization or include a brief explanation in their onboarding document.

Make Use of Visuals

Visual communication helps convey ideas and information in the most appealing way, which helps improve understanding. It works more effectively in passing a message across compared to written and verbal communication, and its effect in teamwork cannot be overemphasized. While employers integrate UCaaS into the offshore staffing process, it is important that they encourage the use of visual communications more often. Voice and instant messaging are great for communication, but a video call would do far better in communicating thoughts and ideas.

A study shows that approximately 65 percent of people are visual learners and the brain processes images and videos 60,000 times faster than text. Video communication is also a great way to test products and software while providing real-time feedback. Some UCaaS tools boast a screen-sharing feature where you can easily showcase products, images and more in a conference.

Monitor the Performance of a Virtual Team

Managing a virtual team requires more effort, as everyone is expected to deliver quality despite not being in the same room. Optimizing UCaaS will not only help enhance the company's communication, collaboration and productivity, but will also contribute to helping employees succeed in their work. In return, there will be improved customer satisfaction and overall company progress.

How Can Employees Take Advantage of UCaaS?

UCaaS helps businesses to thrive, regardless of their size or the industry they belong in. Employees can take advantage of this by working remotely, as they can easily connect with their coworkers from home, on the road or anywhere. They also have instant access to the workspace and are able to solve problems quickly. With UCaaS platforms readily available for teamwork, each and every employee could work towards providing maximum productivity as an individual and as a team player in the organization.

Many businesses today are able to successfully combine the necessary traditional and innovative communication solutions into a single environment. This helps improve productivity among employees and also enhances the customer's experience, as they are able to communicate directly and seamlessly with the organization.

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UCaaS can be implemented in all kinds of businesses of any size. With the right software, offshore teams can communicate easily, upping productivity, reducing costs, strengthening performance and optimizing user experience. With UCaaS, communication and collaboration can work hand-in-hand.

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