Thanks to its Parental Leave Policy, Amazon Makes Glassdoor's List of Top Companies

Thanks to its Parental Leave Policy, Amazon Makes Glassdoor's List of Top Companies
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It's sad but true: The U.S. is still one of only four nations in the world that fails to guarantee the right to paid maternity leave. Sweden, on the other hand, is unequivocally the sweetest country for working moms or dads, lavishing parents to a whopping 480 paid days off per child. Several top companies here in the U.S. are finally starting to catch up with the progressive Scandinavian nation, particularly in the tech sector.       

IKEA announced in December that it expanded its paid benefits to up to four months for new parents -- a major breakthrough for a company in the retail industry. Last year, Netflix unveiled a trailblazing unlimited paid leave policy for new moms and dads, inviting them to take off “as much time as they want” in the year following the birth or adoption of a child. Software giant Microsoft also upped its parental leave offering. Adobe quickly followed suit, doubling the paid maternity leave it grants employees.

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Glassdoor recently released a list of companies with the top 20 best employee benefits and perks. Amazon and American Express made the list because they both offer some of the best parental leave packages. Adopting new programs and giving mothers up to five months of paid leave, it’s no wonder these companies are so highly regarded.

The message is clear and long overdue: American companies are finally grasping that workers with families require more flexibility than ever before. To get the best out of them -- and to keep them from jumping ship -- employers must step up and seriously support their charges. It’s a smart business move, one that we hope goes viral, coast to coast.

Here are 17 leading U.S. companies offering exceptionally generous parental leave policies: