Entrepreneurs Talk About How Their Pets Make Their Lives Better

They believe their lives get a little bit better with the presence of their beloved dogs

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An entrepreneur’s life can be very stressful with never-ending work hours, meetings, managing teams and more. The personal life of these entrepreneurs is often affected but for them, there’s one stressbuster that probably comes running to their door even when the founder makes an appearance late in the night – their pet dog. Even when all fails it seems man’s best friend is always there for the entrepreneur. Having said that, for others it’s their furry friend that brings all the more happiness to their domestic life.

And haven’t we all been wooed by the pictures of Mark Zuckerberg white Puli named Beast or Obama’s pictures with Bo. Cut to India and entrepreneurs here too believe their lives get a little bit better with the presence of their beloved pets.

Entrepreneurs share with us their favourite moments and what they love about their pets.     

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Shubhra Chadda, Co-Founder, Chumbak

Hugo is the most adorable and non-fussy pet

My two-year-old Labrador is most adorable while he is swimming. He enjoys his solo swim to the core and off course our night walks too are no less fun. Hugo loves to eat bones and like any other child he loves gifts. Recently, I gifted him a set of colorful collars, matching his fun personality.

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Jatin Ahuja, Founder, Big Boy Toyz

I find time to play around with Scotch at least twice a day

This Beagle breed baby is the best thing that can happen to me as soon as I reach home. The adorable brat is there just waiting to pounce and that just takes all my stress away. Our best time together is when we sit on my couch, watching TV and cuddling. Scotch loves to eat cakes and so every week I get him cake as a gift, along with his 'Chew bone' without which he just doesn't leave for anywhere."

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Nidhi Agarwal, Founder, Kaaryah

Every moment with Speedy is pure bliss!                                         

Speedy, my Beagle came to me when he was two, as he's a rescued dog. Before him, I even had a black Labrador named ‘Blackie’. Both have an irreplaceable place in my heart as Blackie taught me tons about pet parenting and Speedy has tested those concepts thoroughly. His sight eases me off from the fatigue as he runs to meet me when I am home from any official trip or from a vacation.”

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Payal Jain, Designer

The twins have been with me since high school

“Leo and Laila have not been less than a baby for me. They have been with me since my high school and every moment with them has been full of complete and unconditional love. Dog biscuits or chew sticks are the most relishing eatable for them and I make sure to have full stock of it all the time. As winters are approaching,  I got them a new warm blanket and fuzzy bed.”