8 Indian Red Wines You Need To Try Right Now & Relish The Classy Flavour

The possibility of Indian wines making it huge once seemed impossible, however, in a decade a lot has changed in the Indian market, making wine one of the loved alcoholic beverage

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One of the best thing when it comes to writing about wines in a country like India, where the market in this particular aspect is still evolving is that you get to know about every new bottle making it to the shelf.

While the world loves wine…..India is still developing its taste around this grape fermented drink.

The concept of types and vintage bottle still seem like an alien concept in India. In a decade the wine developers have come up with cellars, so soon years old Indian wines will also be relished a few decades down the line.

Every year, the winery industry in India is growing steadily and we are being introduced to better and fine Vin de Table.

Entrepreneur India brings you a list of top Indian wines which need to be part of either your cellar or need to go down your taste-goblet. However, before you try these out, make sure it is being served at the right temperature; you wouldn’t want to ruin your wine-tasting session.


KRSMA Sangiovese

For those who are unaware of this brand, you are certainly missing on one of the best wines India has to offer.

This delicious blasts of fruitiness that will instantly make you fall in love with red wine. The more you drink, you get a hint of spiced richness that takes the fruity note a level higher.


Fratelli Sette

Fratelli has been loved by many but Sette is one of the most elegant in their collection.

This wine needs to be decanted for at least 3-4 hours, before being served. And trust us, you will automatically notice the difference in the richness it offers.



Sula Rasa

How can Sula not make it to the list? Because somewhere in some part of India, there is always this person who is a Sula lover and just needs an occasion to pop the cork up and celebrate the day!

One of the great picks is Sula Rasa, very hard on Oak and we wouldn’t recommend it to people who have just started developing their taste for wine.


KRSMA Cabernet Sauvignon

Who said finding a well-aged wine in India would be difficult? KRSMA’s Cabernet Sauvignon totally makes for a wine that would age well.

Cabernet isn’t something that pleases every soul, but this one totally needs your dip.


Vallonne vineyard

Vallonne Malbec Reserve

What if you could taste a red wine which gives you floral-fruity note with berries and spice? Sounds pretty interesting and intense at the same time, isn’t it?

What’s beautiful about this wine is how the oak never overpowers the fruitiness. If this wine goes the way it is, we would be wrong to say that India will certainly develop a taste for it.

Grover Vineyard

Grover-Zampa Chêne

Well, Grover might not always be your pick but this certainly kills it. A perfect one in case looking to infuse in food.

The subtle fruit note present beneath the oak very finely lets you distinguish between the sweet and rich chocolate-coffee-toasty which forms the primary note. Being called Chêne (French for oak), one would certainly be disappointed if we were served something else.

York winery

York Arros

Not heavy or dense but full of flavours that will leave you impressed. A blend of Shiraz but also Cabernet, York is creating some nice wines.


Myra Misfit

A decently priced bottle with subtle characterised taste. Just pick the bottle and have it directly. Not a pick that needs decanting.

However, let us tell you a small amount from every bottle goes for charity. Well, that does sound a pretty good reason to buy!