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3 Reasons You Should Finally Get ClassPass in 2020

It's is more than just a better bang for your buck.

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If you live in a major city, you’ve likely been hearing the pros and cons of ClassPass for years at this point. On the plus side, it allows you to try a wide variety of workouts and studios. On the downside, the classes and times you want aren’t always available.

The thing is that ClassPass has changed quite significantly since it was first launched in 2013. Even if you tried it out in the past, you might find the experience totally different today — and for the better. Here are three reasons why it’s a better time than ever to try it out.


1. It’s good to mix up your workouts.

Fitness trends tend to move even faster than diet trends — from spinning to barre to HIIT workouts. In reality, all workouts have their benefits and mixing it up can keep your body and mind from hitting a plateau. ClassPass has worked hard to make it easier to get the times and classes you want, so it’s totally possible to set a well-balanced, fun fitness routine week after week.


2. You can get more for your money.

ClassPass users were up in arms when the platform switched from a class-based system to a credit-based system, but we implore you to try it. Typically, you’ll find that yoga classes and other class types that don’t require individual machinery (which puts a strict limit on class size) are available for fewer credits. If you like taking these types of classes, even occasionally, you might find you’re actually getting more for your money than you did when all classes were treated equally. 

Even if you sign up for the lowest commitment plan just to take a weekly or biweekly yoga class, it may save you more than going direct-to-studio.


3. It’s great for business travel.

Business travel is one of the biggest roadblocks to keeping up with your fitness goals — and often times, hotel gyms just don’t cut it. With ClassPass, you can actually adjust your city when you’re on travel and take advantage of classes wherever you may be. You don’t even need to spend time looking for nearby studios since you can filter by your favorite types of workouts and location.

Need a fourth reason? You can get a month free trial and prove it out yourself. Even if you’ve tried ClassPass before, you may still qualify if enough time has passed.